B-Yourself: AIA Founder, Jeremy Stephens

AIA Founder, Jeremy Stephens

What is AIA?
AIA is The Association of Independent Artists, Inc. We currently function as a talent agency for artists in the hair and beauty industry who are interested in expanding their freelance portfolio.  Our organization offers local artists the opportunity to work as freelance artists independently from their respective employers, companies, and brands.

What does AIA offer to our local Birmingham area? AIA offers the Birmingham area a database of artists who specialize in special event/wedding, photo, runway, and couture hair and makeup.  The growing interest in fashion and beauty in the Birmingham area allows us to offer professionals in the local hair and beauty industry a resource for referrals, education, and networking not only citywide, but also throughout the Southeast regional market.

What type services do you do offer? In addition to a full menu of in-salon services at our home location, The Salon, we also provide on-location hair and makeup services. Our artists, in addition to their extensive menus of in-salon services, specialize in special event, wedding, photo, film, couture, and editorial hair and makeup.

What type artists complete your association? Currently, AIA primarily represents hairstylists and makeup artists.  We are in the process of building a database for photographers and videographers.  Future goals are to continue to expand and eventually to represent all types of local artists.

In addition to sub-contracting artists from your association, what type events are you affiliated with? AIA is directly associated with Birmingham Fashion Week.

How would someone in need of an artist book your services? Artists can be available for on-site work anytime.  However, advanced booking is strongly encouraged.

Interview and photograph by Angela Karen

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  1. Lakeisha Warnsley says:

    Hello, I have been looking for Jeremy for at least five years. He used to cut my hair at Hair Reflections. I moved back into the area and have been looking for him ever since. Please let me know what salon he works at. Desperate. 561-676-8908

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