B-Yourself: Courtney Lynn Gullung

Name: Courtney Lynn Gullung

Age: 34

Hometown: Jackson, MS

Occupation: Registered Nurse and Chauffeur

Fave past time with the girls: The girls and I are big homebodies.  We are happiest together at home, piled up together in my bed, lights out watching a movie and eating popcorn.

How long have you all been training? I rode as a girl, nothing formal, just with my dad for fun on trail rides, and then Grace became enamored with horses when she was five and we have ALL been hooked ever since. Grace has been riding now for 2 1/2 years and really enjoys showing her pony. Sophia decided over Thanksgiving, the morning of her birthday that she was five now and was ready to start taking “real big girl” riding lessons like her sister.

Your typical day: Sophia isn’t in kindergarden yet, so we take Grace to school and she helps me run errands and we play a lot.  Luckily, Sophia is really laid back…she’s happy painting her nails and putting on costumes most of the day. She loves to make desserts and she likes to help me cook. Then we will head out to the farm after school and ride.

Family tradition: We’ve got lots of funny quirks and stuff we do. We joke around a lot.  The girls and I are pretty silly and we love to put on some records and dance.  We usually always have pizza night once a week where we eat on the floor in the den in front of the TV.

Motto/Mantra: Don’t take yourself too seriously…and you can never be too full for dessert! 🙂

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? This was so funny…for the girls it was a toss up between Jesus and Katy Perry…sounds good to me.

Perfect happiness is… My girls really love each other.  They are best friends.  They live for the weekend when they can sleep together.  I think ALL of our happiest times are when we are all together with family and laughing and eating and being together.  My perfect happiness is when I have an arm around both girls and they are laying on me. I can kiss the top of their heads and smell their little girl smell and say I love you, and when they say back in their little girl voices, “I love you too momma.” Heaven.

Photo and Interview by Angela Karen Simpson

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