B-Yourself: Diana Brewer

Peace, Love & Dog Paws

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Interview and photograph by Angela Karen

Name: Diana L. Brewer

Hometown: Trussville, AL

Age: 33

How many dogs have you saved/placed in the past three years? As of April 5, 2013, we have saved 258 pets, mainly dogs, but there has been an occasional cat over the years.

What is the hardest and most rewarding part of this rescue?

HARDEST —saving a dog and though every effort is made, tears, blood, sweat, hours of efforts, their past is too much to overcome and they/we lose the fight. They cross the rainbow bridge, thankful with our love.

REWARDS—my biggest reward is beating the odds. I’m told so often this dog is too sick, too old, too scared—but time, effort and love goes so far. And every now and then one of those adopted dogs will come to one of our meet and greet events, and I get to see how happy, loved and spoiled that once sick, weak, neglected and/or abused foster is now. That encourages me to do more, push harder, fight longer the next time.

How do you find foster parents and how many fosters do you have within the Birmingham area? We ask family, friends and co-workers to foster and ask the people in their life to foster.

Peace, Love & Dog Paws Rescue has about 24 foster homes, the majority are in the Birmingham area. Though we are always in need of more fosters and there’s a never ending plea for help every day.

How do you fund care and food for rescues? We are a not-for-profit all breed rescue that uses donations (monetary and supplies) to cover the vetting, microchips, food, monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventions, crates, collars, leashes, etc. Rarely does an adoption contribution cover it all, so we are blessed to have people that donate regularly. We have amazing relationships with our vets and local companies that help in donating supplies, food and vetting discounts. Every year we do three to four fundraisers in addition to our one to three meet and greet events monthly. Events are posted on the website monthly and our Facebook page.

What is the process to foster or adopt? The process is the same for a foster, foster-to-adopt or adoption—apply online, the application is reviewed, and a vet reference is done. If both are approved ,a home visit with the adoptable that has been applied for or who is the best fit is done in the applicant’s home, ideally with every person that lives in the home and the companions currently residing in the home. The goal is to save the life and find a home that can provide everything that adoptable will need from that day until its last.

For more information on Peace, Love and Dog Paws Rescue visit our website at peacelovedogpawsrescue.com. We also have a Facebook page and our adoptables are on petfinder.com.

Peace, Love & Dog Paws Rescue, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3

not-for-profit, all volunteer, dog rescue organization.

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