B Yourself: Erin Hardin

“There is so much beauty in everyday life that we forget to even notice. I paint not only to capture that beauty, but to also keep my eyes attuned to those tiny, seemingly insignificant details. I hope that my art will inspire others to look at their surroundings in a different way.”  

Erin Hardin B YourselfName: Erin Hardin

Age: 32

Hometown: Memphis, but now I call Birmingham home

Occupation: Artist, wife, mom (not necessarily in that order)

Passion: Discovery: Whether it’s a new way to do something, a beauty I’ve never noticed before, or something about myself

What did you learn about yourself and your artwork after teaching and volunteering with children and adults with disabilities?

Before I ever started painting, I worked as a behavioral therapist with children with autism. Individuals with autism tend to look at things differently and notice details others look past. I don’t know if my own tendency to focus on those same details is part of what drew me to that population or if I developed that while working with them. Either way, my paintings tend to bring to the forefront characteristics a person normally wouldn’t notice.
What is/are your current projects?

Among other things, I’m working on a life–sized figure painting. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a series exploring the images we apply to ourselves and others and the labels we adopt.
Your paintings are so beautiful and photo realistic. Tell us more about the beauty you find in reflections?

I love that a true reflection can look so unreal and abstract. Plus the distortion that a reflection can give an object often brings out features you don’t normally see.
Motto/Mantra: “Wherever you are, be all there.” – Jim Elliot
How can we keep up with your current work and progress?

I frequently update my blog erinhardin.wordpress.com. You can also find me on Facebook at ErinHardinArt or my website ErinHardinArt.com

Interview and photograph by Angela Karen

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