B-Yourself February 2018


Photo and Interview by: Angela Karen

Maybe love isn’t so complicated after all. Kids have an insight on the world adults are too busy to notice.

Love Lesson: Life’s Big Questions Unscripted.

What is your name?

How old are you?

What grade are you in?


Favorite song?
You are so beautiful to me” from the Little Rascals movie

What is Love?
“Love is super free”

What does that mean? “It means that you always always always love them, but you do not count on them”

Have you ever been in love?

How do you know if you are in love or not?
“Because I’ve kissed someone”

Well, how does it feel to be in love? “very niceable, like unicorns in my belly”

How do you think we should show people we love them? “We should hug them”

On Valentine’s Day a lot of people buy flowers and chocolate for their loved ones. Do you think that would be good? “Yeah! What if someone gave that to me!?!?”

What you should get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? “He will get me flowers and chocolate”

What do you think true love is about?
“You ask them crazy questions”

What do you do to make your loved ones happy? “I’ll hug them”

What does it mean to have a sister? “It means you have to be nice to her and you have to love her all the time”

What is the best part of being a big sister? “Giving Stella attention”

What is something mommy says all the time? “that’s genius”

What is something daddy says? “Dang it” -when I get the remote all the time

Where do babies come from? “Heaven”

How do they get out? “Birds pick them up by their panties and fly them in the sky”

Where do they take the babies?
“They take them to the house they’re suppose to go to”

If you had million dollars what would you spend it on?
“A new house all the way to South America
because I want to see penguins”

What memories are your favorite? “Christmas memories”

What is your favorite thing in the world? “Itty bitty magic city”

Favorite food? “Mac and cheese”

Favorite book? “Rapunzel”

Best friend? “Jack, umm… or Rush, but one day he will be my husband”

Favorite singer? “Dolly Parton”

What is your favorite thing about Dolly Parton? “She sings, You are a Rainbow Too

What is your favorite word? “Fahrvergnügen”

What do you think is in outer space?
“There are fireballs. -This is the best planet ever.”

What are you good at? “I’m really good at games”

What makes you cry? “Going to time out”

What’s the most important rule? “To listen to your mommy”

If you could have any superpower what would it be? “a flying power”

Why do people get old?
“Because they’re little and then they’re big”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “A unicorn doctor -and a mommy”

Favorite toy?
“Sparkles the unicorn”

Worst smell in the world?
“the green smell that goes on top of monsters. It’s stinks too much!”

Documenting young life! Record their little personalities with a video or preserve a book full of photos with their precious quotes! As a mom there are little things that I will miss as soon as this time next year. They change everyday and it happens too fast!


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