B-Yourself: Kyle Bass


B-Yourself January 2018

Photo and interview by: Angela Karen


What is Homewood Theatre? Homewood Theatre is an all-volunteer, non-profit community theatre bringing quality, entertaining theatrical productions to downtown Homewood.

Tell us how Homewood Theatre started…  About five years ago, I was sitting with some friends discussing how great it would be to have a theatre in Homewood.  Soon after, I started investigating what it would take to put all the parts together to make something like this fly.  Then in 2015, I started all the legal paperwork to incorporate and become a non-profit entity… that took a little while.  And in August of 2016, Homewood Theatre presented its first production.  We are now in the middle of our second season.

Where is Homewood Theatre located?  Our theatre is located inside The Dance Foundation in downtown Homewood… 1715 27th Court South.

How did you get into acting/directing?  I was a Computer Science major in college, but I always enjoyed theatre as well.  I guess it’s one of those right-brain/left-brain kind of things.  After graduating from college and beginning work at my “day job”, I started auditioning for small parts in church plays and at the local theatres in Birmingham.  The Birmingham theatres have been very kind to me allowing me to participate in some wonderful productions over the years.  After being an actor in several productions, I stepped into the role of director for some shows.


I hear you wear many hats at Homewood theatre, what are your hats and which role do you prefer most?  I’m very lucky.  I have a group of volunteers that work tirelessly to keep Homewood Theatre running.  But, I do wear a few hats.  My “official title” is Executive Director, but I’m also the Facebook updater, the poster maker, the email sender, the book keeper, and after a poor concession choice… the guy who vacuums the carpet.


What is your upcoming production and schedule?  Our next show is the Neil Simon comedy “Barefoot in the Park”.  Performances will be January 19-21, 7:30 pm for the Friday and Saturday Night performances and 2:30 pm for the Sunday matinee.  The rest of the 2017-2018 season consist of the southern comedy, “Always a Bridesmaid” April 6-8, and the Off-Broadway musical comedy, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” May 17-19.


Who are “Friends of Homewood Theatre” and what are their roles?  They are a group of wonderful folks that serve as an Advisory Board for Homewood Theatre.  They are our volunteers who work to make our shows a success and also serve as a sounding board for ideas about the types of shows we choose to produce.

What sets you apart from other theatres?  Since we are smaller and newer than most theatres in the area, it gives us a chance to be more flexible.  We can try things that would be more difficult for a larger, more established theatre.  For instance, we are trying to make our shows more accessible to everyone by setting our ticket prices at $15… and thanks to our incredible corporate sponsors, the idea is working.  Additionally, we have a program called SITS (Students in the Seats) that provides free and reduced-price tickets to students for some shows.   We love trying ideas like these… some work, some don’t… but, we really enjoy giving them a try.


What has been the best part of owning Homewood theatre? This question is easy… the people.  Homewood Theatre gives me a chance to interact with so many great people.  It starts with the behind-the-scenes folks, continues with the actors/directors/crew, and finishes with the audiences.  It’s almost like I get to be the “host” and we share an entertaining time together.


Tell us something not many people know about you? I once tried out for the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” game show.  We were in New York for a family trip and they were having an open audition to be on the game show.  I passed the written test and moved on to the interview portion of the audition.  But apparently, I was too boring in the interview and didn’t make the final cut to be on the program.


Mantra: “Everyone deserves a night out once in a while”.  I think a night at the theatre enhances the quality of life in Homewood.  And Homewood Theatre can offer affordable theatre, with easily accessible parking, within walking distance of restaurants in downtown Homewood.  I think that sounds like an enjoyable evening.  My wife and I have lived in Homewood for over 20 years, and Homewood has been really good to us and our family.  We live in Homewood, we go to church in Homewood, and both our kids have graduated from Homewood High School.  Now, it would be great if Homewood Theatre could be a way to give a little back.  


How can our readers find out more about Homewood Theatre?  They can find us at www.homewoodtheatre.com or they can “like” us on the Homewood Theatre Facebook page.

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