B-Yourself: Natalie Globetti

Natalie Globetti

Natalie Globetti

Age: 26

My hometown: Jasper, AL

Profession: Registered Nurse

My passion: Volunteering, ovarian cancer research, and making strangers smile.

Who most inspires you? My Mother, she’s my strength and inspiration. Without her, I wouldn’t be the woman I am becoming today. I watched her endure ovarian cancer and felt helpless. She didn’t need me to be her nurse; she needed me to be her daughter. We stayed up many nights, crying, laughing, and praying for brighter days in the future. Through all the pain and uncertainty, she never lost her faith in God. This picture captures her beauty in the moment, but to know her is to be embraced by her beautiful soul.

When were you happiest? Anytime I’m with my family, I feel so blessed. My family went through some trials and tribulations with Mom’s diagnosis of Stage III Ovarian Cancer and she underwent an aggressive treatment plan…we all came out with scars but we learned to fill those scars with love and laughter. I remember Mom sitting up one night crying about not having any hair and her large scars on her abdomen. She said she looked like “Frankenstein.” I told her no way Mom; you’re beautiful because you are ALIVE! I told her Dad, Joey, and I would all shave our heads! We’d be like the Conehead family! She laughed but refused to let us do so…she must know my heads a little uneven.

What is your most marked characteristic? My smile.

My most overused words or phrases: Hiya, I Love You, and Fabulous, Fabulousness, Fabulousity. (I sometimes make up random words and definitions)

Most treasured possession: I don’t treasure things, I treasure memories—with my family and especially my mom. Those moments you once took for granted seem so much more meaningful now.

I am guilty of: Retail therapy. Although I find it helpful, Dad would disagree. Too bad Mom isn’t into retail therapy so I could say don’t blame me…It’s genetic!

My best friend says I am: Goofy, fun-loving, dreamy, idealistic, loyal. My mom, as one of my best friends, says I’m strong-willed. I choose to think that means I KNOW what I want. She may have another definition. Thank goodness I’m the one answering these questions and not her.

Guilty pleasure: Coke Icees, I’ve pegged all the good gas stations in Bham. I even have a Coke Icee discount card!

What is your greatest fear? I was afraid of this question…dare I say it out loud or even write it. I’m most fearful of Mom’s cancer coming back. Ovarian Cancer has a high recurrence rate and I can’t imagine my Mom enduring more than she already has. We pray every day that it never comes back! Mom says she wants to see me get married, have children, because she knows I have a lot of payback for my childhood. I thank God everyday for blessing me with such an amazing family. I didn’t deserve so much.

Favorite book: The Giving Tree. Mom used to read it to me when I was younger and it currently sits on the table in my den. I smile when I look at it! As a child I somewhat knew the meaning of those simple words, but as an adult I now know the meaning behind those powerful words.

Talents (or talents you wish you had): I wish I could sing! My parents pretend like I can, but my friends seem to turn the radio up when I start jamming out.

Heroes: My mother, God gave me my own angel here on Earth and even better, she’s my mother! Not many people can say that!

Greatest regret: Taking life for granted until Mom got sick. My life was perfect, if there is a such thing, then my world came crashing down. After Mom got sick, it put things into perspective. I’m not rich, but I’m rich in what truly matters.

What is your motto/mantra? “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

One day I hope to…Lead a Not-For-Profit Organization called “Blissful Blessings.” Kind of like the “Pay it Forward” idea where people wouldn’t know where the gift came from directly. The people involved in “Blissful Blessings” would be anonymous. Those receiving help would not owe anything, but would be asked to help someone else, thus paying the gift forward. Then the chain of selfless kindness would keep on going…that’s my dream.

Which living person do you most admire? My mother, I’m thankful for everyday I get to spend with her. I hope others see a little bit of her in me….She’s incredible.

What is your current state of mind? Thankful

You can never have too many…Guardian angels!

Photo and text by Angela Karen;

Hair and make-up by Kat Petras.

4 Responses to “B-Yourself: Natalie Globetti”

  1. I know both of these women and they are the essence of true beauty…inside and out!!! What a beautiful family. I love you, Globettis!!!

  2. Lisa Globetti says:

    I am extremely proud to say Natalie and Karen are my family! I admire the courage and beauty of both of these incredible women. Their loveliness is truly inside and out. Their breathtakingly beautiful picture tells the story of their love for each other, it is priceless. Your family is in my prayers always.

  3. Robert Whitworth says:

    It is a full honor to be a freind to Natalie on Facebook. Through reading this, I feel like I know here. And she doubt’s me when I say I’m the luckiest man alive. lol

  4. Jan Tyree says:

    Two beautiful ladies. Natalie, your mom is an angel on this earth. I know she is so proud of you.

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