B-Yourself: Paul Brik

paul-brik-for-b-yourselfYou are a full-time lead solution architect at BBVA Compass. Why did you decide to start a truffle company? In September 2016, my wife and I started a candy company as a way to provide job opportunities for individuals with special needs. It’s called Truffles & Company, which offers 12 different flavors of truffles. The goal is to eventually turn it into a storefront, where those with special needs can come and work. A portion of the proceeds is donated to a charity each month. God has given to me every day, so I want to bless everyone in return.

You talk about what makes a great marriage. What makes you a great dad? In August 2017, my wife and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage. Both of our daughters, ages 17 and 10, are special needs. I care about them and their future. My wife and I started to notice the various day programs for special-needs individuals were starting to close in our community, especially those leaving high school.

Why did you decide to give a portion of your proceeds? Giving back is important; we have had so many organizations help us out as a family, so we feel it’s important to give back.

To what organizations do you donate? Aaron’s Staff Respite Care, a volunteer organization that offers a parents night out to families with special needs. It has saved a few marriages. Also Kevin Derryberry Ministries, a ministry bringing the gospel to prisons, and Field of Angels, a special-needs baseball league with 100 players, 10 teams and 100 volunteers.

What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy coaching for our daughter’s baseball league.

Your co-workers say you are a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy. What would you tell those family men out there who are running on empty? When you have a positive attitude, positive outlook and smiling, everybody wins and everyone is happy!

Some also might say you have the perfect work-life balance. Do you have any wisdom nuggets to share on how you carve out the time to balance it all? Well it all starts with a great job that allows me to help out with the family when needed.  Plus, I’m able to work hard at my job and at the end of the day leave work at the office. Then it’s being intentional on my part to make sure I focus on the family when I get home and not be thinking about work. Letting it all go until the next day.

Which person makes the magic happen for the candy company? It’s a team effort. My wife makes everything taste good. I make everything look good. Taylor, the oldest, likes to be the greeter. Rebekah, the youngest, loves to be the packager.

What’s your advice for future fathers?
Love your kids. Tell your kids that you love them. Live by example. Show them that you love their mom. Your children will see that, and they will grow up in the same light. That is how the marriage is between my wife and me. We both love Jesus and we are unselfish toward each other.

Obviously, family is important to you. What’s your relationship like with your own dad?

I have a really great father. He provided for our family. He took time for us to play in our sports and be a part of our lives. I’m sure there were hard times. But we never knew it. From a parent’s perspective, you want to shield your kids and show them the best times. My father was always a loving father and a provider. My priorities in life are God, my wife, my kids and my job.

You ran the Mercedes Marathon in 2013 for the first time. Was that on your Bucket List? If so, what else is on your Bucket List?

I really don’t have a Bucket List. I try to make the most out of every opportunity that I’m given every day. That goes back to being very content with where my life is right now. It’s not that I’m not striving for other things. I feel very blessed where I am right now. In the business world, I try to do the best that I can with the opportunity that I have. Your amazing experiences will happen as you go through life. You don’t have to plan for them. Every day has its promise.
How can people try your truffles? Come check us out at www.trufflesandcompany.com

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