Cutest Baby Contest 2015

The 2015 Cutest Baby Contest has officially ended–thank you to all who participated!

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Aww… look at that baby face.

Brookwood Women’s Center presents B-Metro’s Cutest Baby Contest, where you can enter your beautiful baby’s picture for the chance for your little one to be featured in an upcoming issue of B-Metro Magazine.

We’ve received hundreds of cute baby photos, and now it’s up to you to VOTE!

All eligible baby photos will be posted to the B-Metro Facebook page in one of four rounds, where our Facebook fans will vote for the cutest baby each round by clicking “like” on the photo(s) of their choice. Each round will be open for voting for one week.

Voting Rounds:

Week 1: July 6 – July 13

Week 2: July 13 – July 20

Week 3: July 20 – July 27

Week 4: July 27 – August 3

Please, do not ask us in advance which week your baby’s photo will be featured. The photos will be randomly assigned a week.

In each round, the photo that gets the most “likes” will be featured in an upcoming 2015 issue of B-Metro.

The photo that receives the most “likes” overall will be named “B-Metro’s Cutest Baby” and will win…

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*To be eligible, your baby must be between 0-24 months old and reside in the greater Birmingham area.

12 Responses to “Cutest Baby Contest 2015”

  1. Marsha R says:

    I have submitted Carson J 10 months old

  2. Brian says:

    How do I enter a picture of my baby?

  3. LeTanya says:

    How do I submit an entry?

  4. T'shan Clark says:

    Can we still submit a photo & if so where do we do that?

  5. Keesha says:

    How do I enter my baby picture?

  6. Leesha says:

    Do we have a contest winner yet? If not how will we be notified of who one? Thanks.

    • B-Metro says:

      Hi Leesha–we do have our winners, and they have been notified. Everyone else will get to see our winners in the October issue of B-Metro, which will be out next month!

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