Back in the Day

Cheryl and Griffith Day share some of their most popular recipes.

by John-Bryan Hopkins

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a tall glass or ice cold sweet tea and a slice of your grandmother’s cake, you know, the family recipe. Of course if you have a family like mine, most of the really good recipes have been lost in time.

Good thing the cooks behind The Back in the Day Baker Cookbook are keeping the torch lit for all those who have lost their way. From the sweet Coconut Cake to the gooey Sticky Cinnamon Buns and savory Bacon-Jam Empanadas, Cheryl and Griffith Day of Back in the Day Bakery know how to bake something for every craving.  Their customers have been in on this secret for years, and now you get to know about it too.  Back in the Day Bakery is the best little bakery in the South.

Nationally recognized and locally adored for its homespun decadent desserts and delicious rustic breads, this Savannah landmark has baked its way onto the national food scene.  As Paula Deen says in her foreword, Cheryl and Griff Day “bake decadent treats, but they also bake wonderful memories that stay with you forever.”

Did you know?

Many of the original recipes that were written down before the 1920’s may not taste at all like they originally were intended.  Here are a few factors that make the difference.  Most ingredients were mixed at room temperature like butter, eggs and milk.  This makes for a much lighter batter.  Most milk for baking was whole milk or buttermilk, especially in the South and unpasteurized.

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