Be My Valentine, I Think

Messages from singles to singles on the day of love

by Samantha “Sam”  Foster

I recently visited my goddaughter (who, approaching five years of age is the most entertaining little girl on the planet) and noticed her mother had already bought her cute Valentine’s Day cards to give out at school. They were adorned with scenes and innocent sentiments from the recent Disney movie, “Tangled,” and I couldn’t help but get nostalgic. I recall in my younger days giving these to my classmates—what a cool treat to get and give! I looked forward to seeing what my cubbyhole had tucked in its corners. “Be Mine!” “You’re Sweet!” “Call Me!” “You Are the Best Valentine!” Some cards were even better, as they included candy hearts, suckers or even chocolate. I remember once I even got a real card (not one of the small ones, but a grown up Hallmark!) from my first grade beau, which said “Quack quack! I’m ducky about you!”
As we approach the national day of love, it’s fun to think that if we adult singles could actually give little elementary school throwback cards to one another, what would they say? Hmm … let’s see:
“I am interested in you … which means I am currently stalking you on Facebook!”
“Be my Valentine … I think. Okay, right now, be mine, but just in case I change my mind, pencil in my request!”
“You are the best Mr./Miss Right Now —ever!”
“Call me! Just kidding … please text, as I don’t accept the personal phone call anymore!”
“Like me … until you do, and when that happens, I will get freaked out and bolt!”
“You’re unavailable – hooray! Let’s try anyway!”
“Let me try to fix you!”
“Let’s go on a date! By ‘date’ I mean meeting up with each other while we’re out with our separate friend groups! My first name is Casanova, you know!”
“Let’s hook up and try to avoid awkwardness!”
“I want to kiss you … on a dance floor after three Jaeger bombs!”
“Let’s hug  … but not for too long because that’s really intimate.”
“We’ve been dating for a while, and things are going well. In short, I’m waiting for things to go to hell in a hand basket ASAP!”
Of course, I jest on these, but we all know that as we get older and get more experience in the dating world, the cute, innocent sentiments of yesteryear can unfortunately become a little, well, bitter and less open to love. However, I think that when it’s right between two singles who meet, fall in love and ultimately become a couple, the childlike messages of love, hope, goodness and sheer willingness to give your heart to another ring perfectly true.
This Valentine’s Day, Birmingham singles, I ask that—despite any disappointments or current stresses in love—you realize that one day, you will have a Valentine that gives you sentiments year ‘round. After all, those Valentines are the ones we should be waiting for—and the ones we strive to find on February 14 and always! Happy Valentine’s Day to all—may you celebrate all the love you now have and the love that’s yet to come!•

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