Be Playful


Challenge: Reconnect to Your Inner Child!

by Lee Ann Brown

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
—e. e. cummings
That is my very favorite quote. I do find laughter very glamorous. I truly love to laugh, and laugh often. It signifies happiness, fun, a sense of humor, a connection to someone or something. I love to share a good laugh. I actually don’t like being around people who don’t “get it.” Life is funny! I am fortunate that my family all have a great sense of humor (so glad my daughter cultivated hers—a little inside joke to Carlyle!) And of course, 24 years of laughing with my husband, Billy, is probably why we have been married for 24 years! Thanks for the laugh lines, honey.
Okay, so what if we are all adults here now, does that mean we have to be so serious all the time? Seriously! Even in light of the down economy, maybe even because of the down economy, we need to remember how to laugh, and there have been numerous studies about the positive health benefits from laughter—finally, something they are not selling in an advertisement, a laughing pill. And it’s free!
Remember when you were a kid, how funny everything was? I actually had this conversation recently with one of my best friends, Jackie, and we were talking about how we used to think everything was so funny! We just cracked up about everything, even in college.
Jackie is a talented choreographer and owns a dance studio and we got together at her studio recently to just hang out and just dance for the fun of it. We had a ball! We put on some great music and came up with all sorts of fun choreography and let loose. And of course we cut up, like we always do. We had so much fun, that we have decided to make it a date the last Friday of every month.
The challenge this month, then, is to reconnect and go play with your inner child, you remember her or him don’t you? The knight, or princess, or the pony, or construction worker, dancer, or astronaut you used to be? Always remember to reach for those stars! Be silly. Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks—have fun! Get together with people who make you laugh.
Play, laugh, dream, imagine. Wow! That’s where all the possibilities are. Go fly that kite, jump on that trampoline, find those four-leaf clovers, play those drums, roll down the hill in the grass, put on those tap shoes, get out that telescope, dust off those riding boots and get back in the saddle. The point is to reconnect to something that you did as a child for the pure enjoyment of it. Maybe you even get back in touch with some old friends (hello Facebook!) and have that jam session (or dance session!).
A favorite childhood pastime we had growing up was playing board games or card games. We made so many memories and inside jokes with our cousins and neighbors, playing all kinds of games, especially summer outdoor games such as “Kick the Can” and “Hide-and-Seek.” Yes, I know they have been replaced by Wii and Rock Band (and those are cool) but I still love the freestyle games that leave us all in stitches from laughing so hard, and we play a lot of these for our weekly “Family Night” game or during summer visits with our cousins.
Anyway, my challenge is to let loose and have fun cutting up in the dance studio with one of my best friends and cracking up at how crazy we look trying to do all those moves we did when we were much younger (and crying the next day from being so stiff).
Now, go find your old self again and go play! And laugh often.

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