Be Rebellious!

Glamour Goal #4: Be Rebellious! Challenge: Ask Questions!

by Lee Ann Brown

Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. And power, as we all know is very glamorous! So make it a habit to be informed.

Being able to participate in and enjoy sparkling conversation is a gift, but one that can be enjoyed by anyone, with a little practice. And that is this month’s challenge: Ask questions! Glamour is not a fluffy façade. There has to be some real substance underneath all that sparkle. The smart girl always wins in the end!

Why, and, why not? Those are two of the best questions you can ever ask and they should be asked often. I think debate, respectful challenges, and intelligent questioning is healthy, and stimulating. How are you going to learn if you don’t ask questions?

I love to challenge someone’s preconceived ideas and prejudices. But challenging someone else’s view point or ideas is not about making fun of them or mocking them. And I think it just always shows a total lack of knowledge, talent, ability, or even good manners on your part if you devolve into name-calling, or mean spirited attacks.

Talking about mean spiritedness, I fear it is becoming commonplace these days, horrifyingly used as entertainment. I confess that I could never watch another episode of “American Idol” beyond the one I saw the very first year, because of how cruelly they made fun of the contestants. I didn’t even finish that one. I can’t bear to see people mistreat each other so, and really feel it is our duty to help put a stop to it whenever we witness it.

One last note about this, though: Always be prepared to concede the point, admit you don’t know as much as you thought, or simply walk away. Keep in mind that there doesn’t always have to be a “winner” and a “loser.” The point can simply be to provoke stimulating conversation.

So, on what subject, or with whom, do you have a disagreement? Is there an issue with which you take exception? Or do you just simply want to really understand more about a particular situation? If so, ask questions, and challenge the answers if they don’t sound fair to you. Be an active participant in the theatre of life.

I am planning on attending a city council meeting. I have never been to one before. And who knows, I might even have a question or two! •

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