Be Sensual!

Challenge: Indulge All Five Senses

By Lee Ann Brown

Our Senses could use some indulgence

Is indulging your sensuality even appropriate for living glamorously, you might ask? Well, maybe not, if you are equating it with being sexual, as many people wrongly do. Sensuality really is all about indulging the senses: taste, sight, sound, smell and touch. Being attuned to our senses heightens our experiences and creates powerful feelings, and living glamorously is about feeling glamorous.

This is the month to focus on using all five of your senses. If we don’t indulge them, how are we going to be able to enjoy all the sensual pleasures in life?

Taste. Take your time and enjoy your meals. Savor the flavors of your favorite foods (another meaning of the “Slow Food Movement”). For me this also includes indulging in my favorite extra–dark chocolate.

Sight. For me, this is the one I most consciously have to focus on (which is frustrating, since my husband is a photographer!). He has helped me to develop my artist’s eye, and ability to see, but I find it takes practice. Take the time to enjoy the view from where you are. It’s amazing what’s all around you when you take the time to look.

Sound. We really get used to tuning out all the noises in our daily life. But let’s not tune out the lovely sounds around us, in the process. Sounds affect our moods. Laughter, water, birds chirping, our favorite music —all of these sounds have an affect on how we feel. And what is more glamorous, or sensual, than sharing a laugh or listening to a great piece of jazz?

Smell. Very powerful! How many times does a memory come back to you when you smell something familiar? Coffee, fresh herbs (the mint I planted by my garage door), fresh baked cookies, fresh scented towels, gardenias, lemon and peppermint are a few. And who doesn’t want to leave a lasting impression with Chanel #5?

Touch. This one is the most intimate and personal of the senses. Everything we touch affects the way we feel, even subconsciously. Pay close attention to the feel of softness in your clothes, your hands, your skin, your towels.

I just think the power of touch comes naturally to me. Maybe it’s a way of letting people know that I am focused on and comfortable with them. The sense of touch is so powerful that it is used in the practice of healing. Humans crave the human touch, and I read somewhere once that babies will not thrive without it. So that’s a good sense to develop, and you could have a lot of fun practicing with the right person.

So, that’s my plan for awakening the senses and living sensually. I hope that it will  help us to be more responsive to all the pleasures that we encounter everyday. How are you going to indulge?•

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