Love Stories: Beth + Brooks

20150321_092437Kindergarten teacher Beth Howard, 52, knew the love she had dreamed of was out there, but what she didn’t realize was how close it actually was! Enter Brooks Yielding, 61, an airline pilot who lived just around the corner. It wasn’t until each signed up for an online dating site, however, that the two found each other and began their adventure together. This is their love story.

How did you two meet?

Brooks: We lived less than two miles away from each other, had gone to the same college, and even had a couple of mutual friends, yet we met online.

Beth: And thank goodness we did. He has traveled the whole world–but usually with a cockpit door between him and others–and my world consisted of five-year-olds and their families. Thank you, technology!

What has been your most memorable date?

image1(1)Brooks: Spending last Christmas in Munich, Germany. It was the first time she flew with me to a foreign country; we experienced three days of Christmas markets, history, and a picnic on the train to Salzburg.

Beth: We call it “Our Magical Christmas.” We had three incredible days of touring and walking hand-in-hand, side-by-side. That trip was our glue.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Beth: He is a man of integrity.

Brooks: She is always there for me. We are like otters—holding hands to never float away from each other.

20151221_130647Tell us about the proposal.

Brooks: Beth loves the chocolate covered pineapple candy I bring back from my flights to Hawaii. A few days before Christmas before leaving for another trip, I gave Beth all of her presents while she was still in bed, saving the box of pineapple chocolate for last. When she unwrapped the box, she lifted up one of the pieces in the center, where the ring was sitting underneath.

Beth: Under that piece of chocolate was the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. I started crying, and he teared up. We just had to hold each other for a few minutes before he could ask me. It was a very special, unforgettable moment.

What was your experience like shopping for the ring at Diamonds Direct?

Brooks: Beth had no idea that Diamonds Direct and I were designing her ring from scratch. I worked with Mary and Yoni, who kept looking for the flawless diamond I was seeking. After meeting Beth, they could see why. They came through for both of us.

Beth: Now that I know how much work behind the scenes they were up to, I am amazed! I love my ring—not just because of how truly stunning it is, but because the person I love selected every detail of it with our future in mind.

11717What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given about love?

Brooks: Keep your eye on the big picture. Trying to be right all of the time isn’t the same as getting it right.

Beth: A dear friend once told me that a relationship isn’t 50-50 all the time. Some days it’s 60-40, and some days it’s 30-70. One day you are carried, and another day you are the one who carries.

Now that you’ve found the one, what advice would you give to someone else about love?

Brooks: Never give up on love. It may come later in life, but it will always be what makes life extraordinary.

Beth: The fairytale ending I’ve kept hidden in my heart really is true: There is a life partner for everyone. It may take a while to find each other, but when you do, you’ll know the journey was worth it.

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  1. Rod Thompson says:

    I just ran into Brooks after 40 years at the Auburn Pi Kappa Alpha Reunion …we both graduated in 1976, and I have lived in California since then. I met Beth and they both seemed very centered and Happy! On a whim, I googled his name and ran across this very romantic story…and when I send them some pictures from the event held in Auburn just last weekend( June 10th and 11th)…I can add some insight and meaning!! Rod Thompson…Irvine, Ca… A romantic and inspiring story!

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