10 Instagram Accounts That Make Us Love Our City

We asked our readers what Instagram accounts renew their love for our city and curated the best of them. Read on to find out which ones made the list, and leave a comment if there’s a Birmingham account you love that we left off.

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 1. @objectivityrach

From state parks to urban graffiti, photographer and blogger Rachel Callahan captures the beauty of our city’s landscapes, taking you on her adventures one run or sunset viewing at a time. You can find her photos for sale at picturebirmingham.com, with proceeds going to The WellHouse to help victims of sex trafficking.


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2. @instagrambham

Blaine Prickett launched InstagramBham in 2012 and today, it has more than 30,000 followers, one of the largest followers base for a single city in the country. Whether it’s the breathtaking view of the Magic City skyline at night or a snapshot from a coffee shop chair, nothing will make you love your city more than following this collection of photos.

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3. @inbirmingham

Whether it’s shot of a delicious plate of local food or panoramic view of the city at night, you’ll find many reasons to love your city from the official account of the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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4. @theamandasorganizing

Scroll through dozes of photos of beautifully organized closets and pantries from The Amandas, a professional organizing team based in Birmingham. It’s the perfect account for those that love staring at pretty interiors with a local tie.

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5. @steelcityurbex

From abandoned clock towers to underground tunnels, these guys offer perspectives of Birmingham you’ve likely never seen before.


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.52.41 PM6. @fourteen76

Fourteen 76’s photos offer a unique look inside a city you thought you knew well. Their bio says it best: It “showcases the intersectional talent and news hidden in the cracks of Birmingham and surrounding areas.”

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7. @pepperplacemarket

Take a trip to Pepper Place Market on Saturday morning without having to sift throw crowds and bear the heat. Its snapshots of vendors and guests of the market will increase your appreciation of all things local, handmade, and delicious.

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8. @makebhm

Through facilities, workshops, and classes, MakeBHM celebrates and unites the creators of the Iron City: woodworkers, welders, potters, designers, builders, artists, musicians, and more. Follow this account for a regular dose of inspiration and a reminder of Birmingham’s ever-evolving creative scene.

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9. @drinkbirmingham

Looking for new spots to grab cocktails with friends? Draw inspiration on where to go and what to order from these shots of restaurants and bars, and meet some friendly bartenders along the way.

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10. @whattoeatinbirmingham

There’s one thing Birmingham knows best: food. Even the foodiest of local foodies can find a new restaurant or food trucks dish to try, or just drool over, with these posts.  Just look at that plate of Fish ‘N Grits!

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