Birmingfamous: I Am The F-Bomb

I Am The F-Bomb

“I Am The F-Bomb started three years ago as an idea to give women’s voices a home. Since conception, it has grown to over 50 contributors with hundreds of original pieces including everything from love, divorce, sexuality, motherhood, reproductive rights, abuse, body image, politics, health, equality, and so much more. It is more than just a site though. It has become a community, a safe place to share thoughts, and an insightful look into what women are thinking. Refreshingly bold, I Am The F-Bomb does not hold back whether it be through the writing, a live reading, or an open panel discussion.

“Looking back at the women who have paved the way for women’s rights, I Am The F-Bomb definitely has a Mary Church Terrell ‘lifting as we climb’ mantra. But there is still so much to do and there is still so much to say. That is why I Am The F-Bomb is here, and that is why it will continue to thrive and grow.”

–Jackie Lo, Writer/Editor/Creator of I Am The F-Bomb

The contributing voices of have created an unprecedented supportive and impactful community that reaches beyond our city or state borders. With its creation and success has come a brand new ideal for the expression of feminism, which is why we feel the site, voices, and concept of I Am The F-Bomb is Birmingfamous.•

Photographer: Brad Lovell
Producer: Lindsay Garrett
Location: Linn Park/Jefferson County Courthouse

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  1. Love and respect all these women! Proud to call them friends and they have an amazing voice here in Birmingham.

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