Birmingfamous: Kevin Key


We are currently living in the age of self promotion, which allows so many people to have their voices heard. Often the noise can drown out the steady frequencies of those who are truly making things happen, and this cinematographer is a perfect example.

He is a Birmingham native who recognized that his role in our film community would be unique and strategic. This filmmaker moved out to Los Angeles, where he spent several years feeding the drive to spread all the West Coast cinematic secrets with his hometown, where he returned about four years ago. Birmingham is a place he considers resourceful, creative, and capable to pull off big budget productions, and yet we continue to struggle with our perceived small town limitations. He encourages us to raise our level of expectation because we can attain much more than we give ourselves credit for.

The enthusiasm he carries for Birmingham film is unavoidably contagious. Through the encouragement of his pastor, he started a small group at church for people who share his passion for cinema. We Make Movies empowers ordinary people with the opportunity to gain hands-on
experience in areas of filmmaking and complete production projects from start to finish.

With several notches on his belt for his numerous roles in past projects, he will be taking on an upcoming feature project is called Branded, and he anticipates it to have all the features of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The owner of Moon Men Media and manager of Relentless Studios, this cinematographer/producer/director/writer is putting in hours off the clock because film isn’t just a business to him, it’s a way of life. This city is going to look around one day and realize we were led into a cinematic revolution by a handful of people who are within arm’s reach, and he will be at the front of that line with a devoted smile on his face. He is the Magic City’s dark horse of filmmaking, which is why we are incredibly proud to call Kevin Key Birmingfamous.

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Photographer: Jaysen Michael

Producer: Lindsay Garrett

Special thanks to Paget Pizitz and The Marble Ring

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