Birmingham Famous: Lilly Luminista


Producer: Lindsay Garrett

Photographer: Jaysen Michael

Location: Trim Tab Brewing Company

Hurry, hurry! Step right up! Step with us into the New Year as we present to you a new generation of vibrant self-makers! Brilliant revivalists! They will thrill and astound you, challenge and amaze you! Let us introduce you to the one, the only, ring leader of the largest performance resurgence in Birmingham. She is the creator of Magic City Happenings, a self-evolved community committed to engaging in artistic exploration and collaboration through all mediums. She became a catalyst in shaping this alternative community after her events, The Happenings, drew in flocks of creatives, eager to share their talents, and droves of enthusiastic viewers. These imaginative celebrations are elaborate joint expressive efforts which often include fire dancing, hooping, body painting, live art installations, aerial dancing, and other non-traditional performance arts.

This Birmingham native has traveled the country gathering festival experience of all natures and magnitudes, assisting with crafting, vending, costuming, and production. Through her travels, she gained the desire to breathe life into the Magic City by providing the community with projects and events that challenge the perception of the norm. She encourages others to step outside their comfort zone and expose us all to the surprising and unknown. Her efforts have given our big little city a much-needed artistic upheaval. A revival. We are proud to welcome in the New Year as a new age of vivid creativity along with this igniting, bold orchestrator. Ladies, gentlemen, and respectfully, others, turn your eyes to our newest member of Birminghfamous, Lilly Luminista!

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  1. MC WORD says:

    All this and much more !!!!

  2. mark lanter says:

    As always, the young lions prevail!

  3. Way to go, Lily. Such a great artist from Birmingham.

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