Book Marked

By Paget Pizitz

A moment of panic sets in as I get a friendly reminder from my favorite hepcats at B-Metro about my slightly tardy column. In an effort to produce a piece filled with expert advice on the trials and tribulations of love and relationships in Birmingham, I cruise down to the local Barnes & Noble to peruse the relationship section.

Much to my surprise, the relationship section pales in comparison to the section on sexuality, diet and self-improvement. Five hours and four lattes later, I leave Barnes & Noble without a column but having read three books by sexual therapist Lou Paget and one book on busting belly fat for good. Just stick with me; this is not going to turn into 1001 places to have sex before you die. (And in case you were wondering, I am allowed to write the word “sex” in this column. I know; because I just called to find out, so don’t flip the page in disgust just yet).

It suddenly occurs to me how creepy I must look.  My laptop is out, I’m crouched in the corner of the “racy” section of the book store, feverishly drinking coffee and flipping through the pages of “The Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex.” I realize employees are starting to talk about me on their headsets so I decide to pack up to head home. On the way out, I notice the hundreds of diet and fitness books staring me in the face as if to say, “We saw you eating those Haribo gummy sharks, and it’s not too late to cut out sugar.” Finally, I decide what information I want to impart to you before I bid you adieu.

It strikes me that all the books in the diet, fitness, relationship and better sex section are all lumped together like little ducks in a row. What if you simply focused on feeling good about yourself first and gave relationship/sex health a lower priority for a while? Have you ever noticed that when you feel healthy, rested and active, the rest of your life seems to fall in line? I’m not suggesting you bust belly flab for good or kiss those carbs goodbye, but put your own health first this spring. Stop worrying that someone misinterpreted your text, tweet or Facebook update and start worrying about you. Take care of yourself first so when the time comes, you can take care of someone else. And if you need any more immediate advice, you’ll know where to find me. I’ll be at crouched in the corner of Barnes & Noble reading Sadie Allison’s latest book, Tickle His Pickle.

Paget is the owner of Connections: Matchmaking and Personal Consulting

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