Style Icon: Brandi Belcher

Brandi Belcher

Manager of Antique & Estate Divison, Levy’s Fine Jewelry

by Tracy Robinson       Photography by Chuck St. John

At Levy’s Fine Jewelry in downtown Birmingham, Accredited Jewelry Professional Brandi Belcher stands in front of an antique safe filled with diamonds and covered with business licenses dating back to 1922. Praising the family-owned business for which she manages the Antiques and Estate division, Brandi explains, “This family has taught me everything I know about this industry, about this art. They want me to not just sell jewelry, but understand jewelry.”

Fortunately for Brandi, understanding jewelry involves the privilege of wearing it on a regular basis, much like having access to the ultimate treasure chest. Levy’s unique pieces and ever-changing selection compliment Brandi’s self described “retro feminine with an edge” style. One of Brandi’s favorite outfits is a flapper dress paired with a leather jacket and Cordova diamond earrings, which, incidentally, was Brandi’s ensemble du jour the first time I met her, and what inspired me to feature her as a Style Icon. “My big rule is that everything has to be classy,” she says. Fittingly, Brandi admires the celebrity style of Victoria Beckham, Rachel McAdams and Reese Witherspoon, mavens who always look classic yet current. “I like to be unique,” Brandi says, “but I also want to present myself in a way that others can relate to, respect and admire.”

A taste for the unique carries into her jewelry preferences, many of which are found in the antique and estate world. One of Brandi’s all-time favortie finds is what is known as a “mourning piece,” a black onyx pendant with a single diamond on the front, the back with a slot for a photo of the deceased, and inside a place for a lock of hair, “so that the loved one could always remain close to the owner’s heart.” Current favorite trends include rose gold and bold statement pieces, and Brandi forecasts cabochon cut colored stones to be fashionable this summer.

While Brandi admits appearance is important, especially in an industry in which she helps people select items to mark important stages in life, she is quick to point out, “Your personality should never be outshined by your clothes. I want people to first notice my smile and leave remembering my hugs.” •

Photographer, Chuck St. John; Stylist, Tracy Robinson; Clothing from Icon’s own wardrobe; accessories from Levy’s Fine Jewelry. Photographed at the Levy’s.

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  1. evie says:

    Brandi has helped my husband pick out numerous presents for me and I am ALWAYS pleasantly surprised. She is beautiful, both inside and out and very genuine!

  2. Keri Yother says:

    Great style, great personality, great friend! Brandi is definitely one of a kind.

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