Bubbly Blonde

SunnyBy Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown   

Photo by Billy Brown

It’s going to be a hot, dry summer so you might as well just go ahead and cancel it. I just heard that there was a worldwide Prosecco shortage. I haven’t felt so upset since they announced the news that they would no longer be selling incandescent light bulbs. I definitely need a drink. But now what? I guess that I am going to have to go around and buy all the remaining bottles of my favorite bubbly and stockpile it, just as I did with the light bulbs.

A few years back, the light bulb industry announced that for environmental reasons they would be “going green,” and so would you when you stood underneath them. This meant that they would now only be manufacturing fluorescent light bulbs and that when the last of the remaining incandescent bulbs were sold, you would no longer be able to purchase them. And just like that, there went my remaining years spent in the youthful glow of warm incandescent lighting, snuffed out like a light. In order to extend my youthful appearance as long as possible, I set out on a mission to buy every remaining incandescent light bulb that I could find and hoped it would be enough to last me until my light finally went out.

Well, as I said, that has been a few years now. I’ve long since ran out of bulbs but, lo and behold, they did not in fact stop making them altogether. The news created such an uproar with every female baby boomer that they decided that instead of discontinuing them, they would just make them so expensive that nobody would want to buy them. Ha! They obviously do not understand the profound importance of good lighting. Even my children came to understand this. I am reminded of the time when my kids were over visiting friends staying in a hotel next to ours at the beach and when they came back they told me I wouldn’t like it over there because there were fluorescent lights in the elevators. At just seven and 10 years old, my children completely understood me. We’ve gotten along fabulously ever since.

And now, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Prosecco industry is doing the same thing; creating a false sense of a Prosecco drought just to run up the price. Either way, they can put a cork in it. I am not going to let a dry spell rain on my party! I will happily go buy it all up! Nothing sounds like a celebration more than the sound of a cork popping on my favorite fizzy drink. This month there is much to celebrate, so come on over—let’s pop the cork and let the fizzy flow. Let’s make a toast to summer with the cool, crisp effervescence of a Prosecco cocktail. I think Prosecco is more laid back—not as serious as Champagne. In fact, I think of Prosecco as Champagne’s little sister, with an Italian accent. It’s not quite as full bodied, not as mature, but it sure is fun, tickling the nose and the tongue, and it plays well with others (even your favorite brunettes and reds). Now, if you want to go all girly-girl (and who doesn’t?) I enjoy a sparkling glass of Pink Prosecco—it really makes me feel like I’m just playing grown-up.

So let’s pop the cork and beat the heat on these hot summer nights with a well-chilled cocktail glass. Let’s leave all those snobby older grown-ups and their worries of a summer time dry spell behind, shall we? It’s summer time, after all, and the living is easy with long daylight hours stretching into the golden glow of evening and sparkling conversation filling the air. I’ll have some soft music swaying underneath the sound of laughter and tinkling glasses, maybe some jazzy Latin sounds of Stan Getz or some Sinatra.

It all makes you want to put on your prettiest summer cocktail dress and dance until the lights go out, doesn’t it? In this heat, who needs those lights turned on anyway? No light bulbs, of any kind. Now, that’s something to celebrate. A toast to summer beauties, and may the Prosecco always be flowing. Cheers!

For some Pink Prosecco cocktail recipes, check out itsreallysunny.com.

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