Busy Mom…Busy Life!

Busy mom…Busy life!

by Amanda LeBlanc

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked over and over again what advice I have for the busy mom. Not just the busy mom, the mom who is so busy that she does not have time to think about organization. I have a few steadfast tricks I am always happy to share that I use to make my life easier and help me keep my sanity.

First things first, you start your day in the closet getting dressed, and that’s a great place to evaluate efficiency. A well-designed and organized closet can save you time and frustration. If you don’t have the right closet, then this is a great investment. There are functional and economical systems, like freedomRail by Organized Living that can make creating the closet of your dreams a reality. By having an organized closet with all of the storage that you need, getting dressed in the morning will be much easier. Knowing what you have to wear and not having to dig through piles of clothing will make you feel confident and good about yourself as you start your day. It will also save you time. As a business owner and mother of two, I do just about anything that will give me an extra minute in my day.

A great way to increase efficiency in your morning routine is by using jewelry boards. Jewelry is usually the last thing we put on as we are getting dressed and running out of time. As you run to look for the perfect earrings, they are typically in a mess in a drawer, and you can’t always find what you need. A jewelry board is a great tip for solving that problem. You can use something as simple as a corkboard and T-pins or use a cute fabric covered board with pins. I have three boards hung next to the mirror in my closet and all of my everyday necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are hanging on the boards just waiting for me to accessorize. This is just another way you can get dressed quickly and look your best.

Now that we have addressed a couple of things you can do for yourself to save time, let’s talk about the kids. There are quick and easy things you can do as a busy mom to make organizing your kids a little easier. First things first. If you want your kids to put something away, don’t put a lid on it! I know I have said this a million times, but a lid is a barrier between your child and whatever toy needs to be put away. Plus, how do they know what basket to put each toy in? Labels! Use great fun labels on the front of containers. For those of you with little ones who can’t read yet, labels are even more important. Create labels with the picture and word on the front of containers. This will help your kids to learn through word recognition. Not only are you helping them to learn the great art of being organized, but they are also learning independence and responsibility. See how important the little things can be? The more independent your little ones are with taking care of their toys, the more quality time we have to spend with them.

One last quick tip that you can implement this month is the kid’s backseat organizer! We are hearing so much these days about being diligent about distracted driving. We all hear about no texting and hands- free talking, but have you ever been in the car with a mom and two toddlers? There is nothing more distracting than trying to juggle the wants and needs of kids in the car. There is an answer, and it’s not the DVD player. It’s called the kids backseat organizer, and it has been an answer to prayers for so many moms. This canvas bin buckles in to the backseat and has all the compartments you need for stocking the car with everything your kids are going to ask for, giving you a safe and organized car. There are three large interior sections that are great for toys, coloring books and snacks. There are smaller pouches on the sides for crayons, Kleenex, and electronic gadgets. Lastly, there are two holders on the front of the bin for holding wet wipes or bottled water. What a great way to organize your kids and yourself in the car! Now you can keep your eyes on the road and stay focused.

I hope that you will be able to use one or more of these great tips and start making your day more efficient and less stressful! Until next time — keep it organized!

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