Pair This: Cantina’s Chicken Tacos & Prickly Pear ‘Ritas

By Jan Walsh  

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Taco’s galore at Cantina

Cantina Tortilla Grill at Pepper Place is the original Cantina location. This successful restaurant sprouted other taquerías in the Birmingham metro area, on Highway 119 and at Patton Creek. Today we lunch on their Pepper Place patio and order Prickly Pear ‘Ritas, chips with guacamole, and two Taco de Pollos—chicken tacos. The refreshing margaritas are pink in color, have a salty rim, and the distinctive, authentic prickly pear flavor. The guacamole is topped with diced tomatoes and onions. The chips are fresh, crisp yet thick enough to stand up to the thick Guacamole that is bursting with fresh avocado flavor.  Our two soft, warm tortillas are filled with slices of tequila marinated and grilled chicken breast, cilantro mayo, salsa verde and pico de gallo. With the first bite, the quality and freshness of product shines in this masterful recipe. And we order another round of tacos.

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