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Analysis of the Space

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U-Shape KitchenCase Design/Remodeling begins their kitchen and bathroom design process with an analysis of the space. This is a critical step to determine the scheme, layout and details of the project and when the designer gets a feel for what the client’s needs are.

“There are a few key determinants to consider when designing a bath or kitchen,” says Case President Tom Coan. “What are the number of people using the space? The size and shape of the room. Circulation patterns. What kind of storage is needed?”

When designing a kitchen, the experienced designer figures out what type of layout, peninsula, U-shape or galley, will work best with their client’s lifestyle and the proportions of the space. A peninsula helps to define the space, doesn’t block traffic and makes for a great eating space. U-Shape is best for a larger space and allows for an island. Galley is ideal for smaller spaces and is a favorite amongst serious cooks.

For bathrooms they help determine how large the vanity size is and what type of tub and shower configuration is necessary.Bathroom Layout

“When we truly understand a client’s goals, desires and questions and then craft a project that provides the answers, it doesn’t get any better,” says Coan.

For Case, it is all about the details from beginning until the end. To schedule a one-on-one consultation or to find out more information, visit.

Determine The Scope of The Project

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Week 1 Kitchen ExampleA kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important and used spaces in a home. Both need to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. That’s why a good design plan and construction experience is crucial when remodeling.

Enter Case Design / Remodeling Birmingham! Their experienced design team has the perfect approach to complete a flawless renovation or remodel.

“Remodeling can be hard. It’s a process and not a product and most of us have little experience with it,” says Case President Tom Coan. “To help sort things out we have an experienced team.”

Figuring out the type of remodel is the first step in determining the scope of the project. There are three different levels: cosmetic, pull & replace, and custom. Distinguishing what level the remodel is will help the designer and client to set and confirm a goal and budget.

Cosmetic is a simple replacement of easily removable products, hardware, and a fresh coat of paint. Pull & replace is slightly more in-depth where everything is replaced, including the countertops, flooring and appliances. And a custom rebuild is a more design intensive process with a completely new layout, fixtures, hardware and materials selection.

Are you ready to give your kitchen or bath a ‘face lift’? Follow along as we guide you through the Case Deisgn/Remodeling process.

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