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Talent and service are the two things that set Case Design/ Remodeling Birmingham apart from other designers & builders in the area.

“Our secret sauce is providing design, product selection, construction, and warranty as an integrated package.” says Case President Tom Coan. “It allows clients to progress from their general design and budget goals to a finished product in an organized, low stress way.”

Whether your project is an addition, kitchen remodel, or bathroom renovation, the Case team listens to your needs while applying their skill and expertise. Below, Coan shares his tips for creating a multi-use kitchen for a client. He notes important elements are lighting, storage, and the integration of old and new materials.

“Start with people, not things,” Coan explains. “Is your lifestyle casual or formal? Do you host big parties or small groups? Is it focused around sporting events? Around cooking? Once you understand how the client likes to live, spend a lot of time on space planning and traffic flow.”

From remodeling seminars to complimentary one-on-one consultations, Case is ready to kickstart your next project. Follow along as we share remodeling tips from Case designers as well as client stories in the upcoming weeks.

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A Master Bathroom Transformation535079_10150923331264945_5403227101819187763_n

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When Jill Montgomery’s master bathroom shower started showing cracks, she knew she needed help that went beyond simple home repairs.

“The shower was not vented properly originally and the faux marble had cracked and separated from the frame. It was a nightmare to keep clean,” says Montgomery. “I found Case Design / Remodeling Birmingham online after reading wonderful reviews.”

Case began the bathroom remodel in the middle of November 2015 and transformed the family’s bathroom in time for Christmas. From the dark wood cabinets to the glass door, Montgomery enjoys many elements of the new space but her favorite is the tile shower.

“They raised the ceiling height, installed a glass vented option for a steam shower, installed niches in the wall for hair products, and Randi at Case used multi leveling tile to create an awesome design,” says Montgomery.

Montgomery describes her experience with CASE as a dream and especially appreciated the team’s desire to keep construction mess to a minimum.

“The design team was brilliant in understanding our needs and wants for this room. They took time to get to know us and understand how we lived when using this room,” says Montgomery.

Multigenerational family homes

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Whether a child is returning after college or parents are moving in with their children, making a home accessible to all can be tough. That’s where Case Design / Remodeling Birmingham comes in.

Designer Jennifer Blach believes the focus should be on accessibility, ease of use, function and flow, and leaving room to make adjustments in the future. This means a variety of design changes including widening doors to open up family living areas, creating accessible bathing areas, and adding private entrances for in-law suites and/or self-contained living areas with soundproofing.

Expanding your home with a small master bedroom and bath addition off the main level can create key personal space and provide ease of access.

“It’s important to take advantage of natural light and exterior views in basements and attics,” says Blach. “Kitchen considerations include large islands which provide room for all family members as well as important food preparation space. Under cabinet lighting in kitchens and adequate lighting at interior and exterior doorways is also important.”

Blach recalls a transformational multigenerational home project. After relocating back to Alabama from Washington D.C., her clients wanted to create their ideal home for enjoying their grandchildren and entertaining friends and family.

“The existing home, while classic, was simply too small,” Blach said. “A 360 square foot addition provided the space for a redesigned luxury kitchen, sunny, inviting entertaining area, and an expanded master bath and laundry complex.”

Transformations included custom cabinetry which provided more storage, skylights to support the clients’ love of plants and gardening, new oak flooring, luxury appliances, and much more.

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