B Movie

The Hangover II

Gilligan in Bangkok By Bill Caton I did not think “The Hangover II” was good. In fact, I thought it was bad. There are several reasons – I found it too raunchy and gratuitously offensive (check out the remake of the iconic photograph of the Vietnamese general executing the Viet Cong), and, while it purports… Read More

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Turns Out Mermaids Are Tough By Bill Caton Went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” the other night and got a bit confused. Was I watching Johnny Depp (as pirate Jack Sparrow) and Penelope Cruz (as his female counterpart Angelica) or Harrison Ford (as Indiana Jones) and Karen Allen (as Marion)? That… Read More

To Tell the Truth, It’s “The King’s Speech”

By Bill Caton I was a panelist at the monthly meeting of the Sidewalk Salon in January and someone from the audience asked what movies not nominated for a Best Picture Oscar were our favorites. I mentioned “The American,” which I think is wonderful, but I inexplicably left out one of my favorite movies of… Read More