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You’re Not an Idiot – You’re Human

Getting excited about the potential for new love that ultimately fails doesn’t make you a joke Do you remember the old, reoccurring Saturday Night Live skit “The Chris Farley Show”, which featured Chris Farley parodying himself as he interviewed famous actors, musicians and directors? He would comically hit himself on the head throughout his mock… Read More

First Date No-No’s

What the opposite sex finds utterly unacceptable the first go–around by Samantha “Sam”  Foster The, first dates. There’s always an element of hope mixed with experience-driven trepidation. On one hand, you feel that, if the stars align, this date could lead to others. This date could lead to a relationship. And just maybe, this date… Read More

Is There Any Good Way to Part Ways?

Everything ends badly, or else it would not end. by Samantha “Sam”  Foster In the single world, there is an additional certainty to death and taxes: breakups. Whether you’re not interested or they’re the ones sprinting in the other direction, you’re bound to face the parting of the ways. Though this is a certainty, is… Read More

Single Takes a Backseat in Times Like These

Put Your Want and Need for Love into Others by Samantha “Sam”  Foster Soon after the tragedy that befell our state on April 27, I had the opportunity to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta (thanks to an on–site business meeting.) If you’ve never gone, it’s a very emotional experience… Read More

You, Like Sheen, Are WINNING!

When situations don’t work out in the dating world, sometimes they’re not really “losses” By Samantha “Sam” Foster Over the course of the past seven years—since the “Great BreakUp,” as I like to refer to it—I’ve dated my fair share of men. Some have lasted for no more than a day, a week, a month or… Read More

Drama, drama, wherefore art thou, drama?

In the world of a single, drama certainly comes into play. by Samantha “Sam”  Foster When we think of drama, many times thoughts of Shakespearian plays come to mind. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello—their plotlines filled with highs and lows, ups and downs, tragedy and comedy. Dramas are full of a spectrum of emotions, much… Read More

Do You Follow ‘The Rules?’

Women as the aggressors A no–no or a sure–go? by Samantha “Sam”  Foster I recently re-read a book that I’d first heard of years ago through a friend called The Rules, written by renowned dating coaches, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. It was rumored when Carolyn Bessette nabbed the dashing John F. Kennedy, Jr. that… Read More

Be My Valentine, I Think

Messages from singles to singles on the day of love by Samantha “Sam”  Foster I recently visited my goddaughter (who, approaching five years of age is the most entertaining little girl on the planet) and noticed her mother had already bought her cute Valentine’s Day cards to give out at school. They were adorned with… Read More

Turning the Calendar Page

Looking back on a decade full of highs and lows, hurts and hopes, loves—both lost and unrequited. by Samantha “Sam”  Foster 2011—really? I actually cannot believe it! It seems like yesterday the world was celebrating the turn of the millennia. I was a junior in college, and the 21st century was a blank canvas of… Read More

Miss Traveling Sexy Pants

I was talking with a fellow single lady the other day about the phenomenon of “trip sexy.” You know, kind of like “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”: going on a trip, having confidence, meeting guys, finding your sexiness and feeling attractive, etc. What is it about being out of town and not in your… Read More

Single Anniversary Celebration

Looking back over the ups and downs in the 365 since this column began. When Joe O’Donnell approached me last year to be the singles writer for his new publication, I jumped at the chance to recount my past—and ongoing—trials and tribulations in the dating world. I more importantly, however, wanted to impart some of… Read More