B Yourself

B-Yourself: Connor Head

I’m fascinated by forward thinking people who can predict trends and capitalize on opportunity, but I also respect people who know their core values and stick to them. 

B Yourself: Allie Claire Meeks

My strengths are self discipline and a servant’s heart. My weaknesses are my family’s chocolate jar and being grouchy in the morning.

‘If The Garden Could Talk’

Name: Red Ridge Park Location: Red Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama. Who do you belong to? Technically the earth (the garden chuckles,) I belong to Brooke and Daniel Coleman. How did you come to be? I was formed and created originally by William Kessler in 1928. Over the decades I have been edited here and there… Read More

B Yourself Michael Curry

In the case of the Veterans History, we are hoping to capture recollections of life experiences and of the most memorable moments in wartime. We also hope to shed light on how a veteran’s service influenced his postwar life.

B-Yourself: Iva Nell Freeman

Age: 85   Hometown: Oneonta, AL   What were some major changes in the world while growing up? When I was a child, I remember listening to the radio to hear news about the war.  When I was 12, I remember people dancing in the street when World War II was over. It was strange… Read More

B Yourself: Hartley Burch

Name : Hartley Burch Age: 9 Hometown: Hoover What inspired you to be an actress?  Watching Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger show What character would you like to portray? I would most like to be the main character of a show because I like to be the lead of things. Do you have a preference for theatre or film?… Read More

B-Yourself: The Chois

The Chois have dreamed and prayed for a child together for a while. Recently, the couple got news that all those hopes, dreams and prayers were on the way.  

B Yourself: Anthony C. Hood

Anthony C. Hood

B Yourself: Kenda Rigdon

  Right in the Gut Microbiologist Ph.D. reveals how gut health is LINKED to overall health Name: Kenda Rigdon Age: 41 Profession: Researcher/Educator/Blogger Hometown: Hoover, AL What sparked your interest in research? I have had an interest in scientific research ever since I read the book, “The Hot Zone” in high school. For me, it’s like… Read More

B Yourself Sofia Markovich

Name: Sofia Markovich Owner: Sofia’s Travel, LLC Age: 42 Hometown: Cologne, Germany before moving to San Diego, California 16 years ago and now I reside in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama How did you start Sofia’s Travel, LLC and when did you start working as a travel agent? My passion has always been to travel since I… Read More

B-Yourself February 2018

Photo and Interview by: Angela Karen Maybe love isn’t so complicated after all. Kids have an insight on the world adults are too busy to notice. Love Lesson: Life’s Big Questions Unscripted. What is your name? “Sunny” How old are you? “5” What grade are you in? “4K” Favorite song? “You are so beautiful to… Read More