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House Peace

HOUSE PEACE exists to organize and simplify homes all over the Birmingham, Alabama area and beyond. Name of Business: House Peace LLC Founder: Tara Bremer Established: 2013 There are so many things I want to ask you all because I’ve had my own home and office organized by your team, and I am a huge fan of House… Read More

B-Yourself: The Kelley Christmas

If you think you’ve already seen the most hilariously funny family Christmas cards, think again. Every year since 2008, the Kelley family has been ringing in the holidays by producing the most clever and hilarious holiday cards we’ve ever seen, and they’re showing no signs of stopping.

B-Yourself: Robby Reach

Name:  Robby Reach Age:  37 Hometown:  Hueytown, AL Education:  Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Minor in Mathematics from The University of Alabama; Master of Business Administration from UAB Occupation:  Senior Developer at INTL FCStone Financial Inc. What propelled you to choose this field of work?  I’ve always been interested in science and technology hobbies and… Read More

B-Yourself: Gabriel Marrero

Name: Gabriel Marrero (Gabe); Age: 35; Hometown: Morovis, PR; Occupation: Environmental/Chemical Engineer, Restaurant owner

B-Yourself: Ann Marie Eich

Name:  Ann Marie Eich; Age:  21; Education: International and Global Studies (major), Spanish and art (minors)

B Yourself: Ann Marie Eich

Name:  Ann Marie Eich; Age:  21; Education: International and Global Studies (major), Spanish and art (minors)

B-Yourself: Connor Head

I’m fascinated by forward thinking people who can predict trends and capitalize on opportunity, but I also respect people who know their core values and stick to them. 

B Yourself: Allie Claire Meeks

My strengths are self discipline and a servant’s heart. My weaknesses are my family’s chocolate jar and being grouchy in the morning.

‘If The Garden Could Talk’

Name: Red Ridge Park Location: Red Mountain in Birmingham, Alabama. Who do you belong to? Technically the earth (the garden chuckles,) I belong to Brooke and Daniel Coleman. How did you come to be? I was formed and created originally by William Kessler in 1928. Over the decades I have been edited here and there… Read More

B Yourself Michael Curry

In the case of the Veterans History, we are hoping to capture recollections of life experiences and of the most memorable moments in wartime. We also hope to shed light on how a veteran’s service influenced his postwar life.

B-Yourself: Iva Nell Freeman

Age: 85   Hometown: Oneonta, AL   What were some major changes in the world while growing up? When I was a child, I remember listening to the radio to hear news about the war.  When I was 12, I remember people dancing in the street when World War II was over. It was strange… Read More