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B Yourself: Anthony C. Hood

Anthony C. Hood

B Yourself: Kenda Rigdon

  Right in the Gut Microbiologist Ph.D. reveals how gut health is LINKED to overall health Name: Kenda Rigdon Age: 41 Profession: Researcher/Educator/Blogger Hometown: Hoover, AL What sparked your interest in research? I have had an interest in scientific research ever since I read the book, “The Hot Zone” in high school. For me, it’s like… Read More

B Yourself Sofia Markovich

Name: Sofia Markovich Owner: Sofia’s Travel, LLC Age: 42 Hometown: Cologne, Germany before moving to San Diego, California 16 years ago and now I reside in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama How did you start Sofia’s Travel, LLC and when did you start working as a travel agent? My passion has always been to travel since I… Read More

B-Yourself February 2018

Photo and Interview by: Angela Karen Maybe love isn’t so complicated after all. Kids have an insight on the world adults are too busy to notice. Love Lesson: Life’s Big Questions Unscripted. What is your name? “Sunny” How old are you? “5” What grade are you in? “4K” Favorite song? “You are so beautiful to… Read More

B-Yourself: Kyle Bass

B-Yourself January 2018 Photo and interview by: Angela Karen   What is Homewood Theatre? Homewood Theatre is an all-volunteer, non-profit community theatre bringing quality, entertaining theatrical productions to downtown Homewood. Tell us how Homewood Theatre started…  About five years ago, I was sitting with some friends discussing how great it would be to have a… Read More

B-Yourself Faith Williams

  Photo and interview by: Angela Karen  Name: Faith Williams  What is Revolve?  24/7 fitness facility Tell us how Revolve started… Revolve was opened in the fall of 2009.  I took over at GM Nov 1, 2011 and owner on Jan. 1, 2015 What does the name Revolve stand for? I believe there is more… Read More

B-Yourself: Nourish

Healthy and Fully-Prepared Meals Delivered Names: Tiffany Vickers Davis and Mary Drennen Photo and interview by: Angela Karen What is Nourish? Nourish creates and delivers delicious, fully-prepared & healthy meals across the country. Tell us how Nourish started… In 2012 Mary started working with a local fitness company to produce a private label meal option for the… Read More

B Yourself: Juandolyn Fleming

“My interest in teaching etiquette began as I entered the workforce and quickly realized that there was a set of social and dining standards everyone followed that I had not been privy to. I learned by studying others and making mistakes. The more I learned, the greater my curiosity became.   As I learned, I would teach… Read More

B-Yourself: Deana LeSourd

Photo and interview by: Angela Karen
Being the beautiful, bubbly, outgoing lady who has never met a stranger, some may find it hard to believe Deana – of all women, has suffered from any form of depression

B-Yourself: Paul Brik

You are a full-time lead solution architect at BBVA Compass. Why did you decide to start a truffle company? In September 2016, my wife and I started a candy company as a way to provide job opportunities for individuals with special needs. It’s called Truffles & Company, which offers 12 different flavors of truffles. The… Read More

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