B Yourself

B-Yourself: Nourish

Healthy and Fully-Prepared Meals Delivered Names: Tiffany Vickers Davis and Mary Drennen Photo and interview by: Angela Karen What is Nourish? Nourish creates and delivers delicious, fully-prepared & healthy meals across the country. Tell us how Nourish started… In 2012 Mary started working with a local fitness company to produce a private label meal option for the… Read More

B Yourself: Juandolyn Fleming

“My interest in teaching etiquette began as I entered the workforce and quickly realized that there was a set of social and dining standards everyone followed that I had not been privy to. I learned by studying others and making mistakes. The more I learned, the greater my curiosity became.   As I learned, I would teach… Read More

B-Yourself: Deana LeSourd

Photo and interview by: Angela Karen
Being the beautiful, bubbly, outgoing lady who has never met a stranger, some may find it hard to believe Deana – of all women, has suffered from any form of depression

B-Yourself: Paul Brik

You are a full-time lead solution architect at BBVA Compass. Why did you decide to start a truffle company? In September 2016, my wife and I started a candy company as a way to provide job opportunities for individuals with special needs. It’s called Truffles & Company, which offers 12 different flavors of truffles. The… Read More

Haley Danielle Hawkins


Rainbow Baby

“After every storm there’s a rainbow of hope.”

A Sweet Ride

Restoring a car–and some memories along the way

Meghan Cook

Name: Meghan Cook Age: 34 Hometown: Vestavia Hills Give us the cliff’s notes version of your birth story. As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect during labor and childbirth. When I started having contractions a week prior to the due date, I didn’t even realize what was going on at… Read More

Lilia Martinez

photo and interview by: Angela Karen “Two people I admire are my grandmother, Vicky Dean, a hard worker who is strong in her faith and not afraid to speak her mind; and Ms. Karen Baggett, my kindergarten teacher who is always sweet, polite and loving towards everyone. Also Beyonce, because she is a strong woman… Read More

Hollis Taylor

“I love being a kid, because you get to do everything, like go to Itty Bitty Magic City, Chuck. E. Cheese, or to ride the Ferris wheel at the Indy Grand Prix. My best friend is Drake, because the first time I met him he as super nice to me and threw a football to… Read More

Stacey Thompson Taylor

“I don’t let labels define me and hope that younger women, moms or not, single or married, who have a career can feel the support and respect I have felt throughout my career. I have been blessed to have amazing female leadership as role models.”