Reese + Sharon Cocx

Love is in the air, and right now, more than ever, it is crucial that we are brave and generous with it in our lives. These two are living that magic every day through their personal relationships and with their work within the Birmingham community. Being different in this region of the country takes a… Read More

Birmingham Famous: Lilly Luminista

Let us introduce you to the one, the only, ring leader of the largest performance resurgence in Birmingham. She is the creator of Magic City Happenings, a self-evolved community committed to engaging in artistic exploration and collaboration through all mediums.

Birmingfamous: Kevin Key

We are currently living in the age of self promotion, which allows so many people to have their voices heard. Often the noise can drown out the steady frequencies of those who are truly making things happen, and this cinematographer is a perfect example. He is a Birmingham native who recognized that his role in… Read More

Birmingfamous: Hip-Hop Duo Nerves Baddington

This duo has been infiltrating the Birmingham scene collectively and individually for more than two decades, gaining momentum until finding their stride with this project.

Birmingfamous: Daniel Drinkard of Seasick Records

The idea first became a reality in a dark little corner space in a building on the edge of Avondale.

Birmingfamous: I Am The F-Bomb

I Am The F-Bomb started three years ago as an idea to give women’s voices a home.

Birmingfamous: Mary Berkley Gaines

She is the warrior princess of the Magic City, resolved to bringing acceptance, self love, compassion, and empowerment to every body within the reach of her battle cry.

Lisa Petruff

For her adoration and dedication as Birmingham’s No.1 cheerleader, we declare Lisa Petruff to be Birmingfamous.

Logan Freeman

This month’s feature is a shepherd, and he has returned home with honed skills and newly established inspiration.

Tom Bagby

This month we present you with the boldest and most dynamic character we know in Birmingham.

Lindsey Gray West

As someone who brings sunshine into every room she walks into, this month’s feature is a fitting representative for April.