Craig Stevenson-Casiday

The owner of the Customs Cafe has designed and implemented a remarkable new form of edible education.

Will Sheppard

February is often a month when we are reminded to cherish the ones we love. There is no better representative of that notion than this man, our own Magic City cupid.

Lindsay & Emanual Ellinas

This month I would like to ring in 2016 with a new beginning of my own and an enormous thank you to the readers and the community for making my Birmingdreams come true.

Melissa Scott

This luminary is the creator of the #noshirtnoshoesnoshame campaign, a movement to combat the pervasive body shaming that our culture is obsessed with.

Joseph Casper Baker III

Creativity rears its head in a multitude of ways in this melting pot we call home, and this innovator is using his ingenuity to bring change to areas of our city that often get passed over.

Michael Weintrob

A photographer for more than 20 years, Weintrob is best known for his collection of conceptual portraits of world-renowned musicians in a project named “Instrumenthead.”

Jeff Nixon

With a decade invested in the Magic City music scene, he has seen enough of the swells and fades of the flames to know where and when to stoke it appropriately.

Lindsey Shante

With all the magic seeds being circulated by this Birmingoddess, it would be impossible to categorize her as just one thing. She is a teacher, artist, philanthropist, musician, and above all, a mother.

Cory Seals

He toured the world with many well known acts, but he chose to settle down inside the magic of our city. This month’s Birmingfamous is dedicated to the memory of Cory Seals.

Charlie Smith

Some of the biggest movements often begin in the quietest and most overlooked spaces. This woman has been creating and perpetuating music behind the scenes for more than a decade in the Magic City.

Kim Waites

April is a month of celebration of the world we live in, and who better than this woman to represent Earth Month?