Ian Hoppe

It seems like Birmingham has found herself a lucky charm in the form of this tall, dark, and handsome guy.

Teens 4 Peace

While the rest of the country is in turmoil over division and inequality, these kids are determined to keep the local love alive in the Magic City.

Beth Shelburne

Though you may be familiar with her work as a local news anchor, there is more in her vintage handbag than just a pretty face in a compact mirror.

Marcus Turner

Celebrating our accomplishments and highlights is something this Magic City mover believes is crucial to the morale and development of our creative community.

Sherri Ross Walters

If ever there was a woman who could be crowned Birmingqueen, it would be the one who does not simply stand by her city, but actively works to develop programs that enhance and diversify it.

Fred Weaver

One of Birmingham’s true super heroes, Fred Weaver is a medical professional by day and a conflict artist by night.

Somica Spratley

There are dark, mysterious corners of Birmingham where creative forces are conjured to entertain us with the unusual and untamed.

Mike Cunliffe

Cunliffe has traveled the country and made his unique mark in a variety of places, but this city is where his heart has been captured.

The Magic Underground

The Magic Underground is here to amaze and astound you. This selection of young muses is just a taste of what lies behind the curtain of our city’s fashion scene.

Brooke McCarley

She has a way of owning every role she takes with a quiet, graceful skill. Writer, adventurer, athlete, and musician are among the most frequently used aliases in her bag of disguises, but like a secret agent, she’ll keep you guessing who she really is

Birmingfamous: Dave Rhodes Rankin

He is riding cavalry in an artistic revolution brewing in Birmingham, armed with artillery from multiple sources of creativity. He is a utility soldier who specializes in tattooing and audible art.