Bleacher Seats

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Punch Up Your Fitness Plan.

Sleep Talking

Sweet dreams are made of this?

Aye, Aye!

Water-U-Waiting for?


Madness Of the March variety.

A Little Bubbly

The Legend of the Lake Martin Hot Tub By Luke Robinson Every region of the world has its own urban legends. New Jersey has its Devil. The Pacific Northwest has its Bigfoot. Loch Ness has its Monster. Tuscaloosa has its ever-elusive accurate place kicker. But did you know that Alabama’s Lake Martin once had a… Read More

Not Part of Your System

Why fuss about the way things are?

Kickin’ It Old School

Here’s a random, seasonal question for the older crowd: Who remembers waiting impatiently for the Sears Christmas Catalog?

An Alabamian Abroad

The allure of India.

Act Your Age

Musings of the middle-aged man.

I Predict

Time to start talking football. So, it’s September again. You don’t need a calendar to know it, all of the signs are there. The kids are all back in school, the weather is changing (only from “Sweet Mother Earth it’s hot” to “I’m sweating my ass off over here” hot, but it’s still changing) and… Read More

Calling all Cars

Especially the one I drove in with.