Bleacher Seats

I am Legend

One man’s victory is another man’s defeat.

Mind the Locked Door

The time an intruder threw off our Sunday morning routine.

The Other Birth Story

Who knew a hospital could have such a dang special toilet?

Big Fish

Herculean help was necessary for a night on the lake with this non-fisherman.

Pig Skin Predictions

The good, bad, and ugly of what we’ll see on the field this season, or at least my take on it.

Football Anticipation: A Look at the Ridiculous Lineup for Labor Day Weekend

It’s time to kick off another season on the college gridiron, so kiss the wife (or husband or life partner or wife who identifies as a husband or whatever) goodbye for four months. This year the first weekend of football is simply ridiculous. Just look at the slate for Sept. 1- 5.


How will sports look for my future daughter?

A Rose by Any Other Name

Cornjerker fans, yell it out!

By Luke Robinson

Flutter the Dovecoats

And other things I brought home from England.

Chin Up, Buttercup

Justin Clayton is an everyday guy. Standard height. Very nice. Hardworking. Unassumingly funny. Fantastic friend.

A Hole to Remember

…So there I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with the Birmingham Ski Club trying not to look like the world’s most Southern-fried tourist.