Bleacher Seats

You want the truth?

Think carefully before you answer.  By Luke Robinson This past summer, there was a very interesting interview posted online with the CEO of a major company. The crux of the interview was all about the future and what people can expect in the next 20 years. Many of the theorized advances were mind-blowing. Some were… Read More

I Work Out

Or maybe I just hang out.  By Luke Robinson You guys work out, right? You sure look like you do. Yeah, you! You look awesome! (Let it never be said that I don’t know how to butter up my audience). I work out too… Some… Kinda…Well, I work at working out. Okay, okay. I go… Read More


Some records just can’t be touched.  By Luke Robinson There are all kinds of unbreakable records in sports. Sure, the old cliché says records are meant to be broken, but there are some that will stand the test of time. UCLA’s seven straight college basketball championships. Oklahoma’s 47 consecutive wins on the football field. Cal… Read More

Name Calling

Some of the best started here in Alabama
By Luke Robinson

Because I Say So

My 2017 college football season predictions are better than yours (maybe).
By Luke Robinson

From the Couch to 5K

But I’m better at the couch part.


Making life better, Luke’s way

Dance as if No One’s Watching

But they are.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

It’s not whether you win or lose-—or is it?

So Much Fan Mail

And so close to deadline.

I am Legend

One man’s victory is another man’s defeat.