Bleacher Seats

Flutter the Dovecoats

And other things I brought home from England.

Chin Up, Buttercup

Justin Clayton is an everyday guy. Standard height. Very nice. Hardworking. Unassumingly funny. Fantastic friend.

A Hole to Remember

…So there I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with the Birmingham Ski Club trying not to look like the world’s most Southern-fried tourist.

The Perfect Kind of Crazy

When it comes to college conference realignment, I have ideas. Lots of them.

What’s Better Than a Bowl Game?

There will have been a total of 40 bowl games played when this college football season concludes. Forty. That means 80 teams needed to be bowl eligible.

Be A Fair-Weather Fan

My friends and I sat in the stands of Sanford Stadium on the campus of the University of Georgia on a wet, dreary day last October. It had rained all day. Hard and consistently. Noah’s Ark hard. Forrest Gump consistent.

High Flying

I have always wanted to take one gigantic risk that many people consider borderline suicidal: skydiving.

Sweet Home Alabama

At the risk of sounding like a cliché country song lyric, our lil’ ole state has given me a lot to be proud of recently. Well, sports-wise anyway.

’Twas the Night Before Football

And all through the house, everyone made predictions—even the mouse.

The Next Big Thing

Tales from a real-deal recruiter: Travis Reier of Bamaonline.

A Pond Full of Dimes

“Just imagine it’s a pond full of dimes!” That’s what my father told me one late February morning as I waded through a murky, muddy water hazard at Willow Point Golf Club.