Bleacher Seats

A Pond Full of Dimes

“Just imagine it’s a pond full of dimes!” That’s what my father told me one late February morning as I waded through a murky, muddy water hazard at Willow Point Golf Club.

Philosophical Pursuit

Many moons ago, my parents and their friends used to be hooked on (what was then) a TV board game called Trivial Pursuit.

Comic Relief

Don’t you just love comic books? That question is a terrible way to start a date (I learned the hard way), but seriously… Don’t you?

We(nonah) Are the Champions

Thanks to Coach Emanuel Bell, the Wenonah girls’ basketball team is making strides.

Lock and Key

It’s the early 1990s. Not now; I know it isn’t the 1990s right now! I mean for the purposes of this story and my word quota for this article. Anyhoo, it’s the early 1990s (I think) and Alabama is playing football on New Year’s Day.

Signs of the Time

When Alabama was about to venture into Jordan Hare Stadium to play Auburn for the first time ever way back in 1989, everyone knew the significance. The sport’s greatest rivalry on Auburn’s campus for the first time ever? The Iron Bowl took on a whole new meaning that day.

The O.P.P.

Don’t let the boyish face in the box to your upper right fool you: I am writing this article as a 42-year-old man. As evidenced by the fact that I still cannot grow a full beard (and that I will still read a comic book should the opportunity arise), I don’t really act that old. But trust me: I am every bit of the backside of 40.

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Basketball

If you are a basketball fan of any description, the second annual Steel City Invitational is this month and you need to be there.

Alive and Well

Even though tennis wasn’t my first (or second or third) love, much of my family has played, so I wasn’t going into this completely blind. I just considered it a relatively slow sport compared to the more traditional team sports I played.

Home Team Recruiting

I have been a football recruiting junkie as long as I can remember. You could say I was a recruitnik way before it was cool. (Editor’s note: It’s never been cool).

Take It Down a Notch

We have all followed football in this state for a long time. It’s in our blood. As Alabamians, we think we know everything we need to know about getting ready for the college football season.