Cherri Ellis


As I write this, we are 401 days away from the presidential elections, and the ugly is out.

Let Alpha Phi-dom Ring

In the unlikely possibility that you haven’t seen or heard of it, the University of Alabama chapter of Alpha Phi posted a recruitment video that sparked more national media attention than all other PanHellenic activities combined.

Small Change

Walt and Larry have played the same 10 numbers in the Ohio State Lottery twice a week for 22 years. One day, unbelievably, after playing the same numbers more than 2,000 times, they won.

You Want It When?

There are two official definitions of the word deadline. One is the absolute last date or time at which something must be completed, and the other is a historical reference to a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners will likely be shot.

Raise Your Hand if You’re Sure

On a recent visit to my hometown, my mom and I had a fabulous time going through old pictures. Wearing pajamas and drinking wine late into the night, we covered her floor with evidence of the past.

Magic Mike

Meet Mike. He is my daughter Chelsea’s Golden Retriever puppy, and he owns us.

My Own Gayle Force

When a friend sent me the official Buzzfeed “How Oprah Are You?” quiz, I was able to check yes to 36 of the 75 questions. This makes me, according to them, “A Little Bit Oprah.”

Fauxprah Gets Fitter

Since I declared that I was living for 40 days as Fauxprah (Oprah without the $3 billion), my life has been dramatically different. I have people. Today, I will tell you about two of them who are near and dear to my heart and some other key body parts: my personal chef and my personal trainer.

40 Days of Fauxprah

I want to be Oprah. Just for a little while. Unfortunately, I am short $3 billion, so I will call myself Fauxprah.


It was a weekday morning and I was buzzing around doing what females do when they climb out of the shower and realize how late it is. I flipped myself upside down, twisted my wet hair into a towel, and whipped myself upright. The very next second I found myself face down on the tile, completely weightless.

The Prom Queen of the Gregorian Calendar

Of all 12 of them, December is the best month. While we’ve been staring at holiday decorations since Halloween, they are now legitimate. Everywhere your gaze falls, there is some statement of celebration.