Cherri Ellis

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Every soup needs a good stir now and then. by Cherri Ellis Platters are such festive and hopeful objects. That is why I collect them. My friend Kathy gave me one for my birthday that was huge and square and glossy black with abstract cherries painted across it.  When your name is Cherri, you will… Read More


Tomorrow’s answers for today’s questions. By Cheri Ellis There was a boy I knew in college named Blaine. I met him the year I transferred to Wright State from Denison University, a tiny private college where I had a partial theater scholarship, the remainder of which wasn’t paid off till I was 31 years old…. Read More

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Whether it’s a Christmas Eve construction project or a second job to make college a reality, great dads do what it takes. by Cherri Ellis Twenty-one years ago, while driving to Brookwood Hospital to have my daughter, it was very peaceful in the car. Since she was a frank breach baby, there was none of… Read More

My Big Fat Ballroom Competition

Dance like no one is watching (except they are). by Cherri Ellis Quite recently, I had an epiphany on my sofa. It had been a particularly grueling workday, and I was slabbed on the couch in a way that required zero effort to support my own body weight. My empty dinner plate was on the… Read More

Yum and Yummer

You are what you eat. by Cherri Ellis Of all the relationships in your life, your relationship with food will last the longest. If you live to the age of 100, I doubt you’ll be having sex, and your tennis game will be off, but you will still eat.  Our bodies are built to require… Read More

Does this fur make my butt look big?

Farewell to our Snow Angel. by Cherri Ellis The first time I laid eyes on Snow Angel, she was a miniscule, solid white kitten with enormous blue eyes. She was seated in my husband’s outstretched palm and wearing a Santa hat to ridiculously cute effect. My 12-year-old daughter had plucked her from the confines of… Read More

Finding my Inner Cowgirl

Now that is a vacation. by Cherri Ellis The funny thing about writing for a magazine: I am always projecting myself into the future or the past. If I’m not dredging up some memory for re-evaluation, I’m trying to make a deadline for an issue that will hit the stands the following month. That explains… Read More

My Six Weeks with Barbara Royal’s Shawl

Showing another woman’s fine accessory a good time. by Cherri Ellis Last week I was at a fundraiser called Dancing With the Silver Stars. It was held at The Club, which of course one must pronounce as “THE Club” lest it be mistaken for one of many. It is a grand old property whose opulence… Read More

Thinking about Thanking

Find your Thanksgiving day gratitude. by Cherri Ellis Even though we’ve been walking through retail’s elaborate Christmas displays since well before Halloween, the arrival of Thanksgiving means that the holiday season is now indisputably upon us.  Thanksgiving gets a little dissed in terms of holiday planning. It is so close to Christmas that what you… Read More

Dude. Where’s My Car?

Your two-party perspective. by Cherri Ellis I do love a party with a theme. I once attended a gathering with some other women that was sort of a competitive Mexican Fiesta Cocktail Bash. The invitation stipulated that every guest bring the Mexican dish of their choice and prizes would be awarded for the best. I… Read More

There’s no “I” in “Team”

(But there is one in “cocktail”). by Cherri Ellis September is a magical time in the South.  There is always that first morning when you step outside and there is a slight crispness to the air.  It’s possible to wear knits without passing out on the way to the car, and linen pieces give way… Read More