Cherri Ellis

Surviving Survival

You get to keep the gifts of kindness. by Cherri Ellis In your car, when you look into your rearview mirror, you are warned right on the glass that the things you see will appear to be larger than they actually are. Sometimes that happens in real life. When things are behind you and are… Read More

Let the Good Times Roll

No matter the poison, the Big Easy is the remedy. by Cherri Ellis Life holds so few certainties, but here is one you can count on: New Orleans is fun.   Judy Deck summed it up beautifully when she said, “If there was no New Orleans, America would just be a bunch of free people dying… Read More

Soulmates for Sale

I had no idea God could be used as a spokesperson. by Cherri Ellis You will have to forgive God for all the inclement weather lately.  He has been busy running an online dating service. It’s true.  According to the commercial I just watched, you just log on, join and find God’s match for you. … Read More

For What it’s Worth

To the class of 2012 by Cherri Ellis This column originally ran last year. It has been updated and offered again thanks to its timeless advice… I would like a word with the graduating class of 2012.  Listen up, because I have been burdened with wisdom far greater than what is immediately apparent. I would… Read More

Bustin’ Loose With My Dr. Seuss

There is little in life that can’t be addressed with a solid quote from Dr. Seuss. by Cherri Ellis Last night I met a baby named Eli. He was just a couple of weeks old, and when his mother put him in my arms the rest of the room melted away. Babies are the crack cocaine… Read More

The Way We Weren’t

It’s Jean-etic. by Cherri Ellis Don’t take this the wrong way, but the difference between men and women can be found in their jeans.  Men have jeans.  Women have a highly trained battalion of little jean soldiers, and they all know their role.  There are black jeans, faded jeans, boot-cut jeans, jeans for when you… Read More

My Sewer Bill Solution

Two problems. One solution. by Cherri Ellis I recently was able to take my daughter on a mother/daughter trip to New York City.  For three nights, we shopped and laughed and napped and ate in cool restaurants of all varieties.  We bought black/black gel mac eyeliner and walked everywhere, guided by her ever-present iPhone, of… Read More

I’ll Have the Last Laugh

Medium Rare, Please by Cherri Ellis Of all the qualities a creature can bring to this universe, love is clearly the most important.  Right behind love, however, is a sense of humor.   If you want people to consent to being around you for any length of time, you had better have some semblance of… Read More

The Key to Getting Your Groove Back

Finding something often requires losing something. by Cherri Ellis My groove recently got away from me.  It had a lot of compelling reasons to go, so I can’t really blame it, but I indeed looked around for it one day and it had vanished. What, I wondered dully, had been the final straw?  The radiation… Read More

Better Technology, Through Stupidity

My smartphone is making me dumber. by Cherri Ellis I think there is no bigger danger to world society than the Global Positioning System (GPS) and it’s evil twin MapQuest. Like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead, when they are good they are very, very good, and when they… Read More

Letting Go

I survived, and she would, too. by Cherri Ellis Yesterday we moved my daughter into her house at the University of Alabama. She is about to be a big sophomore, and she is done enduring the group living situation of the Tutwiler freshman girl’s dorm. Anytime you need to wear shoes both to and in… Read More