Take it or give it. By Paget Pizitz I’m going to give a quick shout-out to Louis the cat because this column can’t seem to start without some mention of the feline. Last Monday, he ate the ears off my oldest teddy bear and threw them up in the corner of my bathtub. You know,… Read More

Not Tonight

Navigating the bedroom. By Paget Pizitz I’m writing this column after two sleepless nights. It’s amazing how sleep deprivation takes a toll on the mind. Monday I prepaid for gas and drove away without filling the tank. Nothing makes me feel more blonde than driving off only to run out of gas a quarter mile… Read More

Gimme Shelter

Trending romance By Paget Pizitz I vaguely remember closing last month’s column with the promise of a more light-hearted read for August. As I write these words, I realize it’s 101 degrees outside and my air-conditioning has just broken. I know this because I went to get ice from the freezer and found Louis the… Read More

Made for Each Other

Wake up and smell the coffee, Cinderella. By Paget Pizitz Typically, I would start this column with some idiotic story about what Louis the cat ate (this week, a gummy shark), a description of some Fourth of July sequined hat I’ve made him or a tale from my childhood involving a pet deer that I… Read More

Cherish is the Word

Embrace the abundance that life has given you. By Paget Pizitz I digress, deviate and meander around the point.  I skirt the issue and make amendments to the plan all the time. I take the long way home and ramble on tangents more often than not. I hope that’s why B-Metro continues to allow me to… Read More


Being someone you are not will only get you somewhere that you didn’t want to go. By Paget Pizitz I was born on May 2, so I guess this means happy birthday to me. My mom’s biggest gripe about being pregnant was the Scotch she had to stop sipping and the cigarettes she had to… Read More

What are You Settling For?

Getting a few things off my chest, or maybe “out of my system.” By Paget Pizitz Would it be okay if I didn’t write a traditional column this month? I’m not quite feeling myself. Something must be in the air. Seems everyone is a little out of sorts lately. Sweet and docile Louis the Cat has… Read More

First Dates

You’ve got to start  somewhere. By Paget Pizitz I liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I mean, I really loved this movie. After I saw it, I started researching apartments in Sweden and dyed my hair brown. I did the same thing 10 years ago, but the Goth hairstylist misunderstood me and got it… Read More


Something to crow about by Paget Pizitz You probably think I was reared by Jack Hanna because of how I grew up. One Valentine’s Day when I was 11, my mom and dad adopted a pet crow. In fairness, it was sent to them by Wildlife Services because my parents had developed the reputation as… Read More


A lizard will never change his spots, or something like that. By Paget Pizitz I’m willing to bet the cat stroller I bought Louis for Hanukkah (you didn’t think that cats could be of the Jewish persuasion?) that I started out this column last year by wishing you a Happy New Year. As my creativity… Read More


The good stuff comes in many shapes and forms. By Paget Pizitz Growing up, I had a pet deer that lived in the house, ate dinner with our labs and, from time to time, wore hand-me- downs from his big sister. My parents knew they had to do something to appease my desperate need for… Read More