Date Night: Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar

Meet me underground. Founder’s Station, the building complex in which Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar resides, originally housed a printing press around the end of the 19th century. Bar owner Joe Phelps wanted a name to honor that part of the building’s history so he chose “pilcrow,” a typographical character used to indicate a new paragraph or… Read More

Date Night: The Marble Ring

An Avondale bar with the feel of a 1920s speakeasy. With cocktail servers dressed as flappers and bartenders in white shirts and suspenders, the setting is perfect for an experience that transports you back to the roaring twenties, right in the heart of Avondale. The Marble Ring is upstairs above Fancy’s on Fifth, and accessed… Read More

Date Night: PaperDoll

Elegant and comfortable Joel Cheatwood and Jason Koenig are partners in the new bar Paper Doll on 1st Avenue North. A night at Paper Doll can include young professionals, parents on a night out, girlfriends meeting for drinks, a business meeting. The name is an homage to an owner’s very dear late grandmother. Her favorite… Read More

Date Night: Queen’s Park

Drinking Transformed Larry Townley is well known in the Birmingham bar scene, having spent the last decade running Dave’s Pub. Brooklyn native Laura Newman is new to the city, bringing an awesome bar resume that includes winning the USBG World Class 2018 competition. Together the two have opened one of the city’s most talked about… Read More

Date Night: The Atomic Lounge

Mid-century cool downtown. The vibe at the Atomic Lounge is mid-century modern with a touch of ’70s kitsch, defining the style and aesthetic from the furniture all the way down to the cocktail culture. Owner Feizal Valli says, “There’s lots of nooks and crannies and different vibes depending on where you end up. It can… Read More

Building a Bride  at Home

Heidi Elnora has found an in-home option to the bridal boutique.

How Far Would You Go to Lose Weight?

For Robbie Gibbons, 10,000 miles was about right.

Why He Rides

Brian Toone has conquered Alabama’s highest peaks and finished a cross-country race in 10 days. But sometimes he just wants to enjoy the scenery.

Making a Run For It

Ultramarathoner Micah Morgan is crushing the world’s most intense races.

Why Is Everyone So Damn Mean?

Lately it can feel like society itself is unraveling at the seams, when the news is filled with angry rhetoric, deplorable violence, and dire predictions that the worst is yet to come. And yet there are people among us who continue trying to do the right thing, expecting little in return except maybe the hope of bringing a smile to a person having a rough day or forging an unexpected connection with another human being.

A Higher Calling

Female pastors are breaking through the stained glass ceiling in Birmingham churches.