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The Legal Mind

The many places where psychology and the law intersect.

A Wildlife Journal of Railroad Park

It wasn’t like watching a grizzly bear catch a leaping salmon in its powerful jaws in an Alaskan river, or seeing a lion wrestle an impala to the ground in a cloud of African dust, but it was a mesmerizing moment nonetheless, one I’ll never forget. And it happened here, late last summer, in one of our city’s most prized assets,Railroad Park.

Jaycee Dugard’s Next Chapter

How one of the nation’s most famous kidnapping survivors is using her story as a catalyst to help others identify and serve crime victims—right here in Birmingham.

A Lake House, Reimagined

A Wehapa Lake property is transformed with free-flowing spaces, natural materials and new outdoor amenities.

Stories from the Heart

Love is all Around

Humanity exists because of love. What follows are folks who love their husbands, wives, children, friends, partners, animals, and purpose in life.

Then and Now

The son of an Alabama family that helped shape the country’s history confronts a darker side of their legacy.

One on One: Chris Bajalieh and Lexi Kwak

What does the Birmingham community mean to you? For some, it means sharing pictures and stories of their dogs with strangers-turned-friends. For others, it’s bonding over a swine pizza made with local ingredients or a unique cocktail that tastes particularly refreshing at 5 p.m. This month, we brought together Lexi Kwak and Chris Bajalieh to… Read More

A Shot in the Dark

The fight against crime and gun violence is often won behind the scenes in the lab

Dream Home: The Tower on the Corner

An open floor plan and tree house-like view from the porch ground this Edgewood home in both the past and present.

Food Flight

The Pizitz Food Hall opens up a world of fascinating food to explore.