Get Your Foot in the Game

September kicks off one of the most time-honored mother/daughter bonding traditions for my mom and me. It’s one that we eagerly look forward to with great anticipation, one we have trained for all year long.


For the last 16 years I have been living in a near state of constant fear. A chilling sense of unease has pervaded all of our lives. Initially, I thought that it was some kind of presence that was in the house itself, but it followed us to the next three houses we moved into.

Bubbly Blonde

It’s going to be a hot, dry summer so you might as well just go ahead and cancel it. I just heard that there was a worldwide Prosecco shortage.

The Invisible Woman

There is a new super woman that everyone is talking about, but it seems she’s mighty difficult to find.

The Glamorous Life

If you have recently read any of the headlines aimed at us women, you will just accept as fact that once you turn the big 5-0 you are dead to the rest of the world.

Mom’s Favorite

My mom has a favorite. Oh, she will try and deny it, of course. She’ll say that she doesn’t play favorites, and that she loves us equally. But she does have a favorite. And I know which one it is.


A couple of weeks ago there was a photo that surfaced all over the news—I mean on social media—of the supermodel Cindy Crawford, showing her posing in underwear and a fur coat—without her stomach, her neck, her chest, or her legs being photoshopped. OMG! I know, right?


The weather report: 50 and hot! Warning: Expect extreme changes in temperature. Prepare yourself for any and all weather emergencies. Dress accordingly.

Heavy Petting

The heavy breathing makes me nervous, like an obscene phone call from an anonymous caller. I feel the hot breath, panting against my skin and then, suddenly, I can feel the weight pressing against me, and the hair tickling my bare legs.

The Pain of Patience

It seems to be a fact of life that patience is needed in almost every life situation, even in the most mundane and basic routine events, like waiting our turn for the bathroom first thing in the morning or waiting on everyone to go out the door to work and school.

The Early Shopper

by Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown       Oh, boy! I am so excited! I just found the perfect gift for you and I can hardly wait till Christmas to give it to you. Wow! One down already, and it’s only May! I found this one-of-a-kind gift at a craft show and you and I… Read More