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A SCIENTIFIC CASE A dear friend, mentor and colleague, Bill Lewis used to rhetorically ponder the following question with skeptical clients: “If every bottle of Coca Cola, every bottling facility, all the jugs of secret-special syrup, in fact if the secret recipe itself – stored according to legend in a vault in Atlanta – were … Read More


One More Tool in Your Social Toolbox For starters, get your head around the fact that all of these social networking sites are tools. They may be tools for your social life – meaning: how you connect with your friends, how you invite them to parties, how you stay in touch with what’s happening in your… Read More

On Becoming Irrelevant:

A Look at Jann Wenner’s position on tablet-formatted magazines. by Dan Monroe I’ve come to believe that it is the nature of human beings to age themselves into irrelevance. Face it, at some point in your life, you will look at “what all the kids are doing” and you will think it’s ridiculous. You will… Read More


It’s time for a little dialoguin’ By Dan Monroe Back in the ‘90s while I was at Portfolio Center in Atlanta learning the ad trade, I had the ongoing indelible experience of discourse with the school’s Design Director, Hank Richardson. It was intriguing stuff. Hank didn’t just design with type, color and image – he… Read More