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Shelby, Our Perpetual Puppy

My wife and I first met Shelby about 16 years ago. We had just married and had a dog, Jesse, but wanted another.

Small Press, Big Opportunities

Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to take more risks. Ever the cautious, compulsive planner, I knew I had to dive right in if I was ever going to join that very small club of people who actually complete their goals for the year, so, amid cries from digital readers and pretty much anyone who reads the news, I co-founded Hypertrophic, a literary magazine.

Holiday Survival Guide

It seems that every year as the holiday season approaches, warm memories flood my mind, jingle-bell-filled commercials flood the airwaves, and my expectations begin to look less like reality and more like a Pottery Barn catalog.

All The News That No Longer Fits

It’s early on a Wednesday morning. Guin Robinson sits in a booth at Bogue’s Restaurant. He sips his coffee, finishes his egg white omelet, and flips through The Birmingham News. Robinson says he reads the paper religiously…but he can’t start each morning with the paper like he used to do.

Peace Be With You

Since B-Metro’s editors welcomed me to write for this magazine four years ago, I have written about things I have had to learn about, and I’ve also written about subjects with which I was familiar. One of those subjects has been Alabamians who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 9/11 attacks.

A Better System

Sen. Cam Ward champions prison reform.
By Tom Gordon

Learn How to Spell Futbol

Soccer? Despite what your redneck uncle and his local Tea Party chapter think, soccer is not a communist plot to overthrow American values like freedom, democracy, and deodorant. It’s a sport and true to our nature as a sports-crazed city, we’re falling for it. Hard.

The Ties That Bind

Almost five years ago, friends Rick Swagler, George Sarris, Bob Blalock, and I traveled to Omaha Beach, the bloodiest of the D-Day battle sites.

Mailbox Controversy

When freedom of expression runs through the neighborhood.
By Debbie Van Straten

A New View

For about a year, I have been developing Out in Alabama, a documentary about the brave and colorful Alabama communities that embrace LGBT rights. With an associate producer in Los Angeles, collaborators in Alabama, and myself in NYC, the project has created a triad of synergies across the nation and even the world.

The Weight

A lot can go through one’s mind as he helps carry a casket: the weight, the uneven ground, the awkwardness of trying to work with five others to carry a heavy load.