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Nutrition Matters

“I ate the whole box of cookies for lunch, but they’re fat-free and low-calorie, so I didn’t do too bad, right?” The young woman at the park was just making conversation, and she didn’t know I was a nutritionist, so she probably wondered why I didn’t congratulate her or smile my implied approval.

Making Every Second Count

After Auburn won the 2010 national championship, I stopped listening to sports talk radio. It turned out to be a wonderful thing. I switched from sports to NP, where I heard a review of What Are Intellectuals Good For? by George Scialabba, read it, and then launched into the New York Intellectuals: Christopher Lasch, Philip Rieff, Richard Rorty, and others.

Healthcare Reform

It was my third visit to the lab in as many days. I was still reeling from my recent breast cancer diagnosis, and though the blood draws were now familiar, I was unsure of what to tell her. All I knew was that I had just taken off more time from work and from life, to make yet another co-pay to another doctor for the same set of lab work that I knew would be known in the industry as medically unnecessary.

Tear Down the Expressway

Take our downtown back. By Cherivs Isom   Most Birmingham residents have no memory of a time before the interstate system fractured our city.  It was a time when the street grid connected the downtown to its urban communities. I would walk from my home in Norwood near Carraway Hospital to Phillips High School in… Read More

Building A Successful Family Business

By John Paul Strong   My first memories of going to work with my dad take me back to when I was about 5 years old. He would take me to his office a couple of times in the summer. I remember coloring and drawing pictures of cars that mimicked the advertisements they were creating…. Read More


The pairing of artists and the disabled yields uncommon benefits. By Joe O’Donnell Art brought John Donley and Nabeel Emaish together. Emaish is an artist, working currently at Earthborn Pottery, honing his skills in clay. Donley has an intellectual disability and has used art to push his intellect and visual ability into new areas of… Read More