Pop Quiz

Spoiler Alert

Here’s my point: I don’t understand why people like to spoil things for themselves. For instance, I know people who decided, as soon as they knew there would be a Game of Thrones series, to then begin to read the books. Because they wanted to know what was going to happen before they saw what would happen.

This One’s for Dorothy

Fair warning: This one may be a little sappy. But if you’ll allow me to talk about something and someone who is the very reason I’m here, writing for you people, I’d appreciate it. Next month, I’ll return to telling you how you’re continuing to negate the “social contract” with my totally relevant pop culture quips. Deal?

Stupid Cupid

So, online dating. Sigh. I’ve been attempting it for more than a decade now, and I’ve been complaining about it for 10 years and 11 months. According to the commercials, it works. But the commercials also say that Steak-Ums are hot and delicious, and I’ll be damned if a Steak-Um stays hot long enough for the journey from the skillet to the plate.

If You Have to Ask…

What is funny? Who knows? Comedy and humor are incredibly subjective animals. For every fancy writer guy yelling about the disaster that is The Big Bang Theory, there are 100 lemmings spending their hard-earned milk money on “bazinga” T-shirts.

The Year of the Better You

Resolutions are goofy, and if you made any, kindly do us all a favor and break them like you’re going to do anyway. It’s not that I don’t believe in you…it’s just that I don’t believe in you. Not personally, just as a member of the human race.

Davidson Family Christmas

QUICK! Yell out your favorite Christmas movies! That’s right, Die Hard and Gremlins. But did you know that for more than a decade, my extended family and I have added a few more films to the rotation? That’s right, for nearly 13 years, we’ve gathered around the Christmas tree with egg rolls, tequila, and open minds and witnessed some of the film world’s more elusive treasures.

Things Fall Apart

As I begin my not-so-gentle transition into my 40s, it occurs to me that there are a few things I really need to do. But, don’t get me wrong, it’s not full of crazy white folk stuff like jumping off bridges and wrestling a dolphin. My list is pretty sad. But I guess that’s subjective. And I’m the subject, so it’s awesome.

Childhood Trauma

Halloween! Some people say it’s their favorite holiday. These people are heathens, of course. Christmas is the Jesus of holidays. Yet, I, too, have a special place in my heart for this time of year. Mostly because I get a few more chances to see some scary stuff on television.

The Forum

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I Hate Ferris Bueller

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Cry me a River, Dude.

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