Across the Pond

Village Tavern’s Mary Grace Viado Howard shares her scrumptious, from-scratch fish and chips, along with her recipes for coleslaw and tartar sauce.

Try This: Curried Root Vegetable Soup

Slice Pizza & Brew chef Terrill Brazelton shares his Curried Root Vegetable Soup recipe. It’s is a hearty way to welcome fall.

Braised Beef

Bistro V’s Jeremy Downey demos braised short ribs, a favorite dish of many of the restaurant’s diners.

Carolina Quail

Alan Martin returned to Birmingham as executive chef of Dyron’s Lowcountry’s in June 2014. Today he shares his recipe and techniques for roast stuffed Carolina quail.

Patrick’s Pepper Jelly

Satterfield’s new executive chef, Patrick Horn, has a pepper jelly recipe that is tried and true. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly and is simple enough for a novice cook to make at home.

Fearless with Fish

Does the thought of cooking an expensive cut of fish intimidate you? Chef Matt Lagace has come to your rescue. This month, he shares his recipe for panko parmesan-crusted black grouper piccata for us home cooks to try.

Making Mostarda

Chef Ben Kirk of Avo and Dram shares his recipe for mostarda, an Italian condiment made of candied fruit and mustard-flavored syrup.

Tilapia Patrina

Tilapia Patrina is an easy fish dish that John Krontiras both modified and named. Patrina means “from Patras,” and so the recipe is. However, his recipe uses a different type fish than the original Greek dish.

Steward of the Sea

In today’s cooking demo, Hot and Hot Fish Club’s Christ Hastings prepares Gulf Coast baby octopus, Gulf lionfish, and Gulf shrimp with black rice, romanesco sauce, saffron cream, crispy chorizo, and watercress.

Simply Salmon

Mountain Brook’s Another Broken Egg Cafe specializes in breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Executive chef Justin Smith shares their popular and delicious Simply Salmon dish with a jicama slaw.

Italianized Cazzuola

Cassoeula is a traditional wintry dish that is popular in Northern Italy, particularly in Lombardy. Today Marco Marosini, Italian chef and owner of The Silvertron Café, shares his expertise in cooking this comforting plateful of goodness.