Authentic Enchiladas

Pair Cantina Tortilla Grill’s enchiladas with local brews

Organic Kabobs

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill serves healthy and heavenly kabobs

Unexpected Match

Tired of pizza and beer?

Bowls, Rolls, and Sliders

Pair Maki Fresh’s healthy fare with hot sake.

Eat This: Oyster Trilogy

Enjoy oysters three ways at Highlands Bar and Grill.

Eat This: Oscar’s at the Museum Serves Seasonal Fare

The art of eating local is made easy at Oscar’s at the Museum. More than a place to lunch when visiting the Birmingham Museum of Art, the café has its own following of loyal foodie patrons who dine here regularly.

Miss Dots’ Herb-Roasted Flat Top Chicken Hits the Spot

Miss Dots is named for Leola Rogers, whose nickname has been “Dot” since she was a child.

Eat This: Ashley Mac’s Salad Trio

It’s easy to see and taste why Baby Bleu is their most popular salad. It is colorful, fresh, and sweet-tart.

Ocean’s Butter Poached Lobster Melts in Your Mouth

Ocean recently completed a lovely remodel of the restaurant, but one thing that has not changed is its wide net of fresh seafood cooked to perfection.

Eat This: Holler and Dash’s Strawberry Biscuit

The biscuit is layered with a mountain of whipped cream, dollops of cream cheese, and slices of strawberries.

Eat This: The Grill at Iron City’s Vegetable Plate

A good Southerner never serves a vegetable plate without something fried and sliced onions.